Sunday, April 30, 2006

Disabled Soldiers are in Debt

The military is going after disabled soldiers for debts. It appears that many disabled soldiers have had pay problems while in Iraq and while in treatment for wounds. So, in order to collect money that soldiers may have received that was not appropriate, the military has treated them like credit criminals. Collection agencies have been contact to go after the disabled soldiers and their families.

This is just amazing. It is hard to believe that our own military would go after soldiers disabled by war. It appears that our military needs new leadership in this area.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Church and Politics

Sunday morning church is important to many. I am a mainline church member, but have been disappointed in the way we liberal and moderate Christians have a tendency to turn our Sunday sermons into social justice lectures. I feel something is missing from our Sunday church service. Namely, we do not spend enough time praising God. While I think social activism is important, most mainline churches, including mine, are drifting away from the real meaning of church.

I have another observation. Why do most mainline ministers doubt the most basic Christian ideas. The creation story or intelligent design, the virgin birth, and the physical resurrection of Jesus are discounted by most mainline ministers as old-time myths akin to believing in ghosts. Most seminaries teach a theology that discounts the importance of the divine and promotes a theology based on denying the supernatural.

The following are characteristics of liberal theology. Most mainline ministers have been schooled in these basics and preach to these issues on Sunday. 1. Internal diversity of opinion. 2. An embracing of higher criticism of the Bible with a corresponding willingness to question supernatural elements of biblical stories (e.g., the virgin birth). 3. The rejection of biblical literalism and the inerrancy of the Bible. 4. The freedom to construct one's own personal view of God. 5. Broader views on salvation than those held by conservative Christians, including universalist beliefs. 6. An emphasis on inclusive fellowship and community, often applied recently to women and homosexuals. 7. A willingness to consider and adopt viewpoints which have their roots outside of Christianity (e.g., other faith/philosophical traditions). 8. A willingness to combine theology with modern scientific theories.

In addition, mainline denominations are losing members. Many mainline denomination ministers are preaching in churches that are almost empty. On the other hand, fundamentalist and evangelical churches are growing. We in mainline churches should look around and realize that people do not go to church to hear a lecture on their social responsibility. They can get this lecture on Sunday TV by listening to talking heads expound the virtues of the latest socially relevant cause.

I pray we in the mainline church change back to our original mission of preaching the gospel of Christ. And, we should leave the social activism to our politicians and college professors.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


It's time for Iraq to step up. Rumsfeld recently said, "A successful Iraq that is at peace with its neighbors and that has a government that's representative of the various elements within the country would represent an enormous success for this region. It would add to prosperity for the region. It would be something that all of the neighbors would benefit from, except Iran."

Rumsfeld makes a good point. And, his rationale seems sound. There is only problem with his idea. The entire Middle East is a hotbed of terrorism. America would have to go into all the nations in that region and fight the terrorists.

It appears that there is a link between 9/11 terrorists, al Qaida, the Taliban, and Saddam's Iraqi intelligence agents. And, a good case could be made that Saddam and his terrorist buddies funded and provided safe harbor for 9/11 terrorists and other terrorists. Nonetheless, this job is too much for America to go it alone.

President Bush and Rumsfeld are not realistic. The Iraq War is draining the Bush Administration. It is time for him to develop an exit strategy. This is starting to look too much like Vietnam. I am an Army veteran and served overseas during Vietnam. Good golly, those that say this is not a Vietnam type situation have misread or have forgotten our experience. I supported going into Iraq, but we now need to turn Iraq over to the Iraqis.

We took the war to Iraq. We made sure that there was no WMD. However, Saddam probably did have them and or was trying to acquire them at one time. Regardless, it is time to exit. We have spent too much on this war. American soldiers have sacrificed and our economy is suffering. It is time for the Iraqis to step up to the plate now.

America First

America First is a concept that many Americans are starting to think about. America First is an idea that promotes limited foreign entanglement, keeping good paying jobs at home, and a workable immigration reform policy.

The Bush administration has followed foreign and domestic policies that run counter to his own Republican party. In the last few years, it is starting to become obvious that his global driven ideas are pulling America down. Nation building, a failed immigration policy, and the promotion of NAFTA and GATT, which has resulted in the loss of good paying jobs, are failed ideas. And, George W Bush does not even notice that most Americans are really dissatisfied with his policies. This fact alone is amazing.

On the other hand, the Democrats do not have any good ideas about these issues. Even though they criticize Bush, the Democrats lack the leadership to help America move forward. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, got us involved in nation building in Europe, and ignored immigration. So, the idea that the Democrats have the solutions is nonsense.

What is needed is a leader that promotes America First. Maybe someone will come along wearing a white hat and restore America to greatness. Is there another Ronald Reagan out there? Hopefully, we can find one before the 2008 presidential election.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The pay for leadership is expensive. "Rumor has it that chief executive officers still put their pants on one leg at a time. But that sounds positively quaint now that CEOs at larger U.S. corporations on average earn $430 for every $1 earned by the average U.S. worker."

I worked for a large company for over 27 years. And, our senior executives were paid quite well. Unfortunately, most companies pay too much for leadership. Executives that move up the corporate ladder are mostly yes men with exceptional networking skills. Good management and organizing skills are not really required for promotion.

Senior executives keep the really bright and creative junior managers, supervisors, and foremen down in the organization in order to keep the organization on track. Good management skills are needed at the operations level, so senior executives make sure that the organization has a good lower level management team in place. This may seem like a negative view of organizations, but this is a reality.

Sadly, good managerial skills are not required for senior level positions in most large organizations. Merit has little to do with promotional opportunities. Simply put, promotional considerations in most large organizations today are determined on political considerations and favoritism. For the most part, it is still who you know, not what you know.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tim Russert

Meet the Press with Tim Russert is a popular program. For the most part, it is objective. Tim Russert is a good TV interviewer. I do not always agree with his mode of operation and the questions he asks. For example, Tim recently allowed President Carter to expound on the evils of the Bush Administration. Tim did not call President Carter's attention to the his own shortcomings or even suggest that Carter's administration may have made similar mistakes in deal with international affairs. Tim is usually objective and tries to be fair. So, I was disappointed in this interview. Maybe the network told Tim to allow President Carter to ramble on about his great presidency, while at the same time criticize the Bush administration. Even though the Bush administrator deserves a harsh rebuke, President Carter's presidency was full of mistakes.

Tim Russert has been criticized on the left and right for being biased. He tries to ask good questions without being viewed as partisian. I think Tim is just about as fair as the network will allow him to be. In fact, Tim Russert's Meet the Press is designed to allow both sides of an argument a fair hearing. I do not always agree with the way the questions are posed. However, Tim Russert's show is probably the most objective show in the MSM.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Public schools are at it again. It seems that public school leaders just cannot leave Christians alone. At every turn, the public schools are making life difficult for Christians who are trying to bring something positive to school. The following is an example of another goofy attempt to stifle Christians.

News flash from Downingtown High School East Campus in Exton, Pa. "Students at a Pennsylvania high school have filed a federal lawsuit against a district policy they say results in equating religious viewpoints with profanity. In one example, according to the complaint, the Downingtown Prayer Club was censored by school officials when one of its members submitted for official approval posters for "See You at the Pole." The annual event features Christian students gathering at the beginning of the day at the school's flagpole to pray for their school and nation. One poster included a Bible verse from Jeremiah 33 which refers to prayer. The school's principal insisted the Bible verse and picture of a cross would need to be omitted along with any reference to God. It's ridiculous for school officials to tell students that they can only have a poster inviting people to pray as long as the poster omits God. To whom exactly are school officials proposing that students pray?"

When mentioning the Bible at public school becomes a crime, it is time to reflect on the direction of our schools. The attack on the Bible, Christianity, and Christian symbols in general has been growing. It is time for Americans stand up and be counted.

Christianity is being attacked by a public school system as never before. Anti-Christian bias has exploded at schools all across America. On the other hand, this type of discrimination may stimulate a movement away from public schools and build more support for a voucher system. A voucher system where Americans could educate their children in a school environment that allows students to be proud of their Christian heritage could have a profound impact on the maturing of children.

Those who oppose a voucher system know that it will be the end of education as they know it. Public schools will surely suffer a lose of students. And, public schools will lose the power to dictate an educational agenda filled with pro-socialist / pro communist ideas, political correctness, and anti-Christian notions. If educational vouchers are ever approved, Americans will never go back to a failed public school system that outlaws Christmas and declares that displaying a Christian symbol akin to crime.

Our political leaders are unwilling to address this problem. So, it is time that Americans take matters into their own hands. Namely, Americans should expand on their own Christian schools K-12, with or without a voucher system. Then, expand Christian colleges to include developing business / medical / technology institutes for teaching skills that will allow Christians to pursue successful vocations.

This will be expensive. However, Christian churches spend millions on evangelical and missionary outreach efforts. A re-directing of funds into a new dynamic educational system that encourages Christian students on their faith journey will be more practical. And, this will help spread the word of God in America. This is essential, because many in America are losing the ability tell the difference between right and wrong.

May God give us the wisdom to keep our faith strong and educate our children in a way that glorifies our Lord and savior. Praise the Lord. Amen.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Oil Company CEO

From Fox News:

"Back of the Book" segment tonight, the former chairman and CEO Of Exxon Mobil, Lee Raymond, who retired in December, received $140 million in compensation last year, and his entire retirement deal is worth nearly $400 million, according to public reports."

This is an indication that gas prices are just too high. And, the senior executives at oil companies are paying themselves handsomely. I have no problem with leaders making a buck, or even paying themselves whatever the market will bear. However, the oil companies have a monopoly on a resource that is essential to the economy. Everyone would be upset if our water companies starting raising the price of home water supplies to the level of gas prices. My gas bill can run $300 per month. I cannot even imagine paying $300 a month for water in my home. If the water company executives started paying themselves $140 million a year, people would just go crazy.

Time will tell if people will get upset with oil companies. Even though I am a strong advocate of business, excessive pay for senior executives of a monopoly like oil companies is outrageous. Some may even call these greedy executives scalawags. I call them gluttonous money grabbers.

Communist China

Communist China is growing as a military and economic powerhouse. Is this something we should be concerned with? I say yes. The idea that we in America are shipping our economic future to China is foolish. Our manufacturing and technology sectors are being out-sourced to China without much thought. American business will regret this short sighted business strategy. One could make a good argument that outsourcing production to Mexico, India, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan is good for our allies and go a long way in promoting international relations. But, outsourcing production capacity to Communist China, who is an enemy, seems to run counter to our interests. And, this may become a national security issue soon. Time will tell.

Tony Snow

Tony Snow would make a good White House spokesman. He is direct and has a good grasp of current events. His role on Fox News as a moderator has been a good showcase for his objectivity. Even though he is obviously a conservative, he still has the ability to be somewhat reasonable. Most MSM talking heads cannot put forth a good objective discussion about anything. I vote for Tony Snow. On the other hand, President Bush may not want someone who might criticize his policies. Time will tell.

Friday, April 21, 2006

The Bible

News Flash:

"Two residents of a Southern California senior mobile home park are suing the homeowner's association for barring prayer and Bible study meetings in common areas."

The idea that a homeowners association would try to ban Bible study in common areas sounds too much like a Communist government trying to ban anything that is Christian. Let me think. Russia, China, Cuba, and North Vietnam would ban Bible study. Oh my, it appears that some of our organizations are starting to think like Communists.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Howard Dean

Howard Dean said recently about religion and politics, "The religious community has to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics." I hope he is serious. His church, the United Church of Christ is one of the most politically active churches in America. And, they are also one of the most liberal churches. The editor of the United Church of Christ news paper has compared President Bush to Nazis. I hope someone tells Howard Dean that his church needs to decide whether they want to be tax exempt or involved in politics.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Boys Are Being Short-Changed

Our public schools are short-changing our boys. For decades now, our public schools have been promoting an anti-boy agenda. This agenda has been focused on trying to turn little boys in the classroom into little girls. Boys need more time for physical activities due to the their drive to acquire motoring skills. Girls have the same drive. But, they do not have the same biological makeup of boys.

Generally speaking, boys crave physical outlets during the growing years. Furthermore, studies have shown that boys are more interest than girls in physical activities, contact sports, and all types of organized sports all the way through childhood and continuing into adulthood. Therefore, boys place a high value on physical activities and get a tremendous amount of joy from developing their motoring skills. By denying this reality, public schools are doing a disservice to our boys.

In order to calm the need of boys for more physical activities, schools have demanded that boys be medicated. Today, a high percentage of elementary school boys are on medication for being boys. This is a crime. I would venture to say that we will soon learn that medicating boys at an early age will increase the tendency for substance abuse later in life. And over time, the creative sparkle in a little boys eye will be turned into a docile stare.

I suggest that many anti-social behaviors and academic shortcomings that boys are now demonstrating are related to misguided public schools. The idea that boys can be taught just like girls is foolish. Boys are different and public schools do not acknowledge this reality.

The solution is in the hands of the parents. Because, public schools are incapable of change. They are large political and social engineering machines that gobble up national resources for the purpose of teaching political correctness. So, it is time for parents to organize new schools.

Churches can respond to this need. The classroom facilities are already in place. And, religious and academic school courses have already been formulated. Religious schools all over America are using established academic courses to teach children. Furthermore, in most cases, religious school students have higher achievement records all the way through their learning years than public school students.

Even though this will be an expense undertaking, parents will see the benefits in their boys and girls in the form of a more positive educational outlook. Church run schools can provide more support for growing, learning, and developing a positive self-esteem. Ethics and responsible behavior are key factors in the maturing of children. Therefore, churches can be a guiding light in a society that has a hard time determining the difference between right and wrong.

Christian church denominations are many. However, if Christians band together for the purpose of giving our children, boys and girls, a positive learning experience, we can accomplish remarkable advances in our communities. May we be wise in teaching our boys and girls in a way that will stimulate them to be successful adults.

Saddam and 9/11

Newly released documents reveal a close tie between Saddam, al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden and the terrorists responsible for 9/11. A picture of collaboration and support is being unearthed. The naysayers and critics of the Iraqi War are being embarrassed by the new findings.

Support for the Iraqi War is declining in America. However, I think this is due mostly to a distorted view present by the MSM. It appears that we are moving forward in Iraq and establishing the foundations for a representative government. On the other hand, it is important that the Iraqi leaders move quickly to form a union to govern. The Iraqi people need to step up to the plate and take a leadership role in purging terrorism from Iraq. America has given the Iraqi people the most valuable gift they will ever receive. Namely, an opportunity to form a more perfect union.

Military Funerals

Military Funerals are being disgraced by protestors. It is amazing that some people find it necessary to insult the memory of soldiers who died serving their country in Iraq. Americans need to respect American soldiers and their families during a time of great sorrow.

Monday, April 17, 2006


The following is an interesting development. "BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi officials postponed a parliamentary session set for Monday, further delaying the formation of a coalition government already held up for four months because of wrangling by political groups."

The Bush Administration may be reluctant to press Iraq to form a coalition government. However, it is essential that the Iraqi people take control of their country soon. The American people are ready for a change. The current strategy of "Stay the Course", will only last a little longer. Most Americans will not tolerate another long drawn out military commitment with no end in sight. The Bush Administration must move quickly to resolve this issue before he leaves office. Or, the Republicans will lose tremendous support.

This being said, I will ague that we were right to eliminate Saddam's control over Iraq. Saddam said he had WMD and told everyone who would listen that he had them. So, we thought he had them. Plus, everyone including the UN, Democrats and most international intelligence sources thought he had WMD. Thus, we were right to assume he had WMD. This may seem like an old argument. But, it is a valid one that cannot be denied.

The bigger question is: Do we have the right to strike any country that we determine to be a threat to America? The answer is: In this case yes. Any country that threatens to attack America and has provided support for those that have already attacked America should be dealt with in a manner that would eliminate the threat.

This may seem harsh. However, Pearl Harbor, and our initial losses all across the Pacific in 1941 and 1942 during WWII is an example of not acting quickly enough when all signs pointed to an enemy's hostile intent. We were not prepared for Japan and WWII, because we did not want to believe the reality.

The reality today is obvious. Namely, many in the Middle East want America destroyed. They will do anything to make sure this happens including developing and using nuclear weapons to attack America. To deny this reality is foolish.

The Iraq War will go down in history as the Turning point in our destiny. If we allow terrorists armed with nuclear capacity to operate freely in the Middle East, we may be fighting terrorism in America. The thought of terrorists using several nuclear or biological devices, going off in 10 major American cities all at the same time, may seem far fetched. However, who would have ever imagined that terrorists would use our own American airliners as missiles on 9/11.

May our leaders be wise in the application of military power to resolve threats to our nation. At the same time, may they not hesitate to use all necessary military resources to eliminate any threat to America. May the Lord be with us in our quest to be free.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


America, what a wonderful country. It is a place where anyone can march and protest about anything. Over my lifetime, anti-war protestors, hippies, punk subcultures, Black Box Anarchists, Anarcho-Capitalists, Anti-Globalists, Neo-Hippies, Communist, Marxists, Civil Rights groups, Unionists, Wavy Gravy and hordes of other groups have used their freedom in America to assemble, demonstrate, protest, and make their voices heard.

Now, hundreds of thousands are marching and protesting immigration reform all over America. While I think that immigration reform is long overdue, this is a complex problem. Those who advocate just closing the border or shipping the immigrants back are being unreasonable.

Disadvantaged people from Mexico and other Latin American countries have come to America for jobs and social services. Because, Mexico and other Latin American countries are economically and socially undeveloped. Therefore, disadvantaged people come to America. America is a place where opportunities in all phases of life abound. The quality of life for immigrants is astounding compared to Mexico and Latin America.

Now comes the hard part. How do we accommodate the huge influx of immigrants into America. A guest worker program may be a good start. One could make an argument for allowing guest workers from all over the world to come to America for work. Then, make provisions for guest workers to return to their countries of origin.

Here is the problem. What if the guest workers do not do go back to their countries of origin? Will the government hunt down 12 million guest workers who have overstayed their work visas? The answer is obviously no.

The government cannot currently regulate those who over stay their student visas. How in the world can the government hope to track down 12 to 15 million guest workers. I question the workability of any program that relies on the government to act responsibly with regard to this issue. Simply put, the government does not have the capacity or desire to regulate a guest worker program.

So, what is the solution? The solution can be found in employment, and administering education / social services. A national Guest Worker / Dependent ID card will resolve a lot of the problems. This card would be similar to the social security card with finger prints, DNA, picture, and all other identifying information. All employers would be required to verify through a national data base the employee's identity and right to work. And, they could not hire someone who did not have valid guest worker documents. And, educational / social services would be required to gather the same data and provide services only to those registered in the national data base as guest worker dependents.

Guest workers are essential to our economy. Therefore, it is important to resolve this situation in an organized manner. Immigrants work hard and contribute to America's overall dynamics. So, it would behoove America to move quickly to create a guest worker program that is fair and reasonable for guest workers and the businesses that hire them.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I discussed the Iraqi War with a good friend yesterday again. He just cannot understand the war. He is greatly influenced by the MSM. His ideas are about the same as most liberals when it comes to the Iraqi War. Namely, we should not have gone there. And, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.

I pulled up intelligence briefings (CIA and NSA) and printed them for him. He read them and does not understand why the MSM has not reported the connection between the following: Osama bin Laden, al Qaida, Iraq, terrorism, and the 9/11 terrorists. If one studies the information, it is obvious that a connection existed before and after 9/11.

Back to the question, why has the MSM decided to ignore this connection? I think that the MSM has a close relationship with the Democratic Party and will slant all news about the Iraqi War in a negative light to weaken public support for the Republican Party.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Good Manners Please

I see profanity a lot while blogging. For some people, it is for shock value. For others, it is a way of life. For me, I don't like to read it. So, I move to the next blog. Being able to write well is important to me. I try to maintain good grammar and spell correctly. When I see bloggers writing with a total disregard for the English language, I find it offensive.

I heard a leader of an Asian country say once, "The English language is beautiful. You have many words that can express the most sincere message. Why do you Americas use such crude language in your films, music, and everyday life. "

Unfortunately, others see America this way. We wonder why people view us in a negative light sometimes. Well, just maybe we write in such a way that gives others the impression that we are tasteless barbarians. I have been guilty of using inappropriate language in the past. However, I try not to offend others with my words. I wish others would do the same.

I can sum up my thoughts on this subject by repeating what I tell my 5 year old grandson when he gets frustrated. Good manners please.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Communist Influence

There are too many Commies at home. Americans do not realize that the impact of the Communist movement within most of our public institutions. Commies want America to fail. The ACLU, American Communist Lawyers Union, is doing everything possible to dismantle American traditions. And, the Democrats are working overtime to discourage the American military and the public.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boy Scouts of America and the ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is at it again. This organization is trying to dismantle the Boy Scouts of America. The ACLU is determined to get the Boy Scout banned from all public forums. The ACLU has lobbied and sued to get the Boy Scouts thrown off government property and community centers everywhere. And, the ACLU will stop at nothing to purge the Boy Scout's influence in America.

The National Scout Jamboree is one example. "In 2005, a federal court in Chicago sided with the ACLU and ruled that the Army'’s support for the National Scout Jamboree, held once every four years at Fort A.P. Hill in Fredericksburg, Virginia, is unconstitutional. The case is Winkler v. Rumsfeld, No. 05-3451 (7th Cir.). The ACLU'’s claim is that the Scout Oath’s “duty to God makes the Boy Scouts a religious organization, like a church, and that military support for the Jamboree violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment."

"Meanwhile, military support for civilian events is not unique. Military bases routinely hold circuses, carnivals and rock concerts which are open to the public; the military provides safety, security and logistical support for sporting events and political conventions; the military sends bands to perform at churches, community centers, and nursing homes across the country; and the Navy'’s Blue Angels perform flyovers for NASCAR racing, truck and tractor pulls, and local parades across the country. There is simply no reason why a Boy Scouting event which is open to the public should be eliminated from the list of community events supported by the military."

What is the ACLU? Why are they so determined to purge a good organization like the Boy Scouts? And, what do they stand for? The ACLU was founded by Roger Baldwin. Several crucial leaders of the ACLU were members of the Communist Party. One early leader of the ACLU was Earl Browder. He was the General Secretary of the Communist Party. And he said, the ACLU functioned as "a transmission belt" for the Communist Party. Since the ACLU has a fondness for purging Christianity from the public square, it seems that Communist goals are still driving the ACLU.

The ACLU's attack on the Boy Scouts of America is an attack on the basic goodness of Americans. Thus, the ACLU has absolutely no value and contributes nothing for the betterment of America. So, the ACLU should be banned.


News Flash:

General Motors is closing plants and shipping jobs overseas. On the other hand, Kia is building a large plant in America. American automobile manufacturing companies should move quickly to change their selfish policy of seeking out the lowest labor costs regardless of the damage to America's economy.

"Last month, Kia Motors Corp., which is owned by Hyundai, announced it will build a $1.2 billion plant in West Point. Because of the scandal, Kia officials earlier this week asked for postponement of the April 26 groundbreaking celebration at the site of what will be its first U.S. automobile assembly plant."

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Manufacturing and craft unions helped created the American middle class. A study of union history will show that many people sacrificed in the union struggle to win a fair wage for workers. A living wage, health care, workers compensation, social security, retirement plans, overtime pay, health and safety standards, paid vacation, sick time, and workplace due process rules are benefits that unions created.

The aforementioned benefits are afforded to union and non-union workers today. However, unions made it possible for non-union workers to benefit from early union activity.

The current trend of shipping manufacturing jobs overseas and to Mexico is for the purpose of increasing profits for large corporations. Many in the business community argue that in order to compete, manufacturing jobs and other services must be moved out of America. However, the same executives that are arguing this point are making huge sums of money with bonuses. Simply put, the greed of senior business executives is the driving force in moving production processes out of America.

On the other hand, the union movement is being hurt by government employee unions who have outrageously generous wages and benefits. Most government employees are unionized and have good paying jobs with outstanding benefits. And, they have little concern about layoffs or a decrease in benefits. Since government functions and jobs bring no real value to the economy in terms of production, the cost to taxpayers and the economy in general is a burden.

Unions are now relying on government unions for their dues and money, thus over-taxing the public. Unions have not taken up the hard task of convincing our leaders that outsourcing manufacturing and service jobs is damaging our middle class. Bill Clinton's Democrats and the Republicans passed NAFTA, which made it easy to ship jobs out of America. For some reason, the unions did not get too excited about this. Now, the manufacturing and service unions are on the ropes.

Unions need to move quickly to lobby congress to repeal NAFTA and pass laws that encourage business to stay in America. And, business taxation and work rules should be relaxed, so that businesses will want to invest in America. Plus, workplace litigation should be minimized, because lawsuits brought against companies for questionable employee conduct is costing millions.

For example, lawsuits can be brought against an employee and a company if one employee looks at another employee in a sexually suggestive manner. Flirting, with the wink of the eye, might be grounds for termination and cost the employer millions. According to American Association of University of Women (AAUW), "words, looks and gestures", are grounds for sexual harassment claims.

The AAUW is pushing for even more subjective definitions of sexual harassment by including psychological abuse, when the supposed victim feels that the workplace is hostile. By changing subjective feeling into objective reality, the entire sexual harassment issue is starting take on a life of its own. The AAUW wants any man looking at woman with bedroom eyes to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The AAUW says, "In short, if someone shoots an unwanted sexual look your way, you've been sexually harassed."

In conclusion, businesses will stay in America, if the business climate is profitable. So, unions need to get busy and lobby congress to make this happen.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Religion and Politics

Religion and politics. I would like to add the following to the discussion regarding Religion and politics. Republicans generally have embraced the Religious Right. And, the Religious Right include people who consider themselves conservative Christians, but do not attend church regularly. This segment of the population think of themselves as traditionalists in many ways. And, they greatly outnumber liberal thinking Christians who tend to be Democrats. Many conservative Christians do not attend church regularly. However, they still have conservative and traditional ideas about Christianity.

The Democrats seem to devalue and put down anyone with traditional ideas about Christianity. For some reason, the Democrats only show up at Church for TV coverage at election time. The rest of the time, they consider the Religious Right and traditional Christians as backward simpletons that need to be eliminated. Most of the time, Democrats embrace the Communist leaning ACLU more than they embrace Christianity. I do not know how any Democrat can support Communism and at the same time say they are a Christian.