Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Social Security or Sockeyed Salmon

Social Security was created as a program to help older Americans live with dignity. According to the federal government, Social Security is in danger of running out of money is a few years.

On the other hand, the Federal Government will spend approximately $2 million to try and save the kangaroo rat, according to the U.S. Inspector General. And, Maj. Gen. Ernest Harrail of the Army Corp of Engineers stated that it will cost another billion dollars to preserve the sockeye salmon.

Federal spending on environmental projects costs the taxpayers billions of dollars each year with no end in sight. Plus, hundreds of thousands of acres of valuable farmland must be set aside to accommodate endangered species and millions of jobs are lost. Farming and forest economies are artificially immobilized by environmental projects of questionable value.

In the end, a billion dollars will be spent on sockeyed salmon while older Americans who have worked all their lives and contributed to Social Security are being told they will have to work until they are 70 and have reduced health care benefits. Good golly, this is ridiculous.

Another problem is Social Security Disability (SSDI) payments. Today, money that is paid into Social Security is being handed out to young able-bodied people. The Social Security Administration (SSA) is currently handing out a flood of benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program to persons who are not disabled and thus have no legitimate reason to receive those benefits.

SSDI was established as a source of income for persons who are so severely disabled that they cannot perform any meaningful work that exists in the national economy. The program, which allocates funds directly from Social Security general revenues, was never intended to be as broad and expensive as it is today. Yet current SSDI payments account for 14 percent of all Social Security distributions. In 1999 alone, SSDI handed out a staggering $57 billion in disability benefits. Furthermore, the federal government maintains dozens of programs that raise the amount handed to persons with various degrees of disability to an annual grand total of $110 billion.

A review of SSDI cases and a look at SSDI statistics show a clear pattern of SSA officials’ turning a blind eye to all standards and common sense when passing out benefits. Therefore, Social Security is being drained. And, Social Security is in danger of being insolvent in less than 20 years.

SSDI and related programs are now so huge that almost 50% of total Social Security money being paid out goes to Americans and non-Americans who are not old enough to retire. This is not what Social Security was intended to do.

Americans must wake up and elect officials that will protect Social Security and preserve this fine program for older Americans who have worked and paid into it. This can be done by making sure all SSDI and related programs are transferred to each State. Each State needs to develop and budget for a disability program to provide for their disabled.

In conclusion, Social Security is for older Americans who have reached the age of 62 and have worked hard and paid into this system. Simply put, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created Social Security as an old-age pension. And, Social Security should return to its orignal purpose.

Veterans Administration

Memorial Day is a time to remember those soldiers that have given their all in serving America. Our Federal government does not do enough to help disabled and ill military veterans. As we speak, veterans are being turned away from VA hospitals, because they do not qualify for treatment. VA has set up strict and cumbersome requirements for treatment. And, higher fees must be paid by veterans who do receive treatment.

The Federal Government should be ashamed of themselves for sending our finest men and women to battle our enemies; then, our Federal government denies these same fine soldiers medical treatment in their time of need.

Past and current administrations have not funded VA health care adequately. If we can rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, provide billions in foreign aid to almost every country in the world, and fund environmental protection boondoggles, we should be able to fund adequate health care for our military veterans.

Furthermore, we have decided that taking of salmon is more important than American soldiers. Because, we funded "More than $600 million for Columbia River system salmon, through the Department of Energy/Bonneville Power Administration, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Departments of the Interior, Agriculture, and Commerce. This amount includes discretionary funding of $342 million, a $15 million increase over 2004." It is time we have a reality check. Money spent on some environmental projects at the expense of veterans health care needs to be reevaluated.

As the highest ranking Democrat on the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee, Senator Akaka said taking care of America's troops and veterans is his top priority. "America's veterans gave us their best in service," he said, "“We must always give them ours."

One of Akaka's'’s pet bills, a $430-million increase in funding for the Department of Veterans Affairs, was adopted in the Senate last week, with much of the money to go to new veteran’s centers, hospitals and mental care.

Senator Akaka said, "Health care for America'’s heroes is not the place to cut corners, which is why I have always been against imposing burdensome enrollment fees and increasing the co-pays for those in the VA system. We need mandatory funding for veterans health care, not mandated fees imposed on veterans who need care." Akaka also said it is the responsibility of all Americans to support soldiers.

I agree with Senator Akaka and suggest that all Americans vote for elected officials that will promote a more soldier friendly health care system.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


America is really changing. The American Idol TV program is one example. It baffles me as to why so many Americans are more interested in a TV show that promotes a form of aggrandizement that seems to defy logic. This does say something about America and Americans.

Wait a minute, can I refer to people who live in America as Americans. I read where some educators are telling our children that they are not Americans any longer. Because the educators reason, all the people that live anywhere in South America, Central America, and North America are Americans. Therefore the educators reason, citizens of the United States must not call themselves Americans. I guess our text books will need to change to facilitate this latest revision.

I have an idea. Since everyone in South America, Central America, and North America are Americans, we should just push for making them all part of the United States. We could call it the United States of the Americas. Since we really have no borders anyway, this would not be much of an adjustment.

Under this new configuration, the next presidente could be Hispanic. Vincente Fox would be a leading candidate. What would our current United States look like using this new United States of the Americas model? Well, we could ask any immigrant from a country to the south.

Ward Churchill

Good Question: How Many Ward Churchills? A report by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni states, "A comprehensive report concludes, "Not only is Ward Churchill not alone -- he is quite common" on American campuses."

This is sad state of affairs. The idea that most college professors hate America and have contempt for traditional values like patriotism and Christianity makes a veteran like me wonder why I went off to serve my country. Now, I am told my old ideas of American greatness is out-dated. And, America is really not great. Yes indeed, colleges are sure turning into a good training ground for the making of the next dictator disguised as a socialist or Communist. Fidel Castro promised a better life for Cubans. What they got was a country so bad that people will swim and float across miles of shark infested waters to come to America.


News Flash: "DETROIT General Motors Corp.(GM) is recalling more than 30,000 Chevrolet Corvettes because of a defect that allows detachable roofs to fly off."

I just can't imagine having the roof of my car fly off. Good golly, GM should be able to build a car better than this. Tomorrow, I am going to check the top on my car.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Corporate Greed

One Exxon Oil company executives recently retired with a retirement pension of more than $400 million. And, many corporate executives make millions, while the average hard working American makes less than $50,000 a year. To make matters worse, most highly paid corporate executives want to hide their salaries from the American public. Because, these greedy types are afraid the public will criticize them.

On the other hand, we in America pay our most highly skilled trades less than $100,000 a year and our gifted heart surgeons less than $300,000 a year. There is something wrong with our current economic system

The greed of our senior corporate executives has surfaced. And, it is not a pretty sight. I suggest that we start thinking about being fair with corporate salaries. Our current corporate greed looks a lot like the early 1900's when robber barons dominated all aspects of society. It took the Great Depression in the 1920's and 1930's to bring us back to reality.

Ethanol and Oil

Ethanol may be America's way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The technology to develop this alternative is already here. Even though ethanol may not be able to move America off oil imports totally, ethanol can provide a huge portion of our oil needs for gasoline in a few decades.

Moving forward with this technology is a matter of will. Washington will need to rethink our energy strategy for the long-term. Right now, Washington is thinking short-term. And, oil company executives are making billions of dollars and we are dependent upon foreign oil.

Friday, May 26, 2006

High School Students Challenge ACLU

"First it was Russel County Highschool in Kentucky, and now students at Munford County High School in Tennessee are not taking the ACLU'’s censorship attempts lying down. Hopefully it's an epidemic, and it is certainly an uplifting example on how to stand up for freedom when it is being threatened."

Young people understand when they are being manipulated by a Communist organization like the ACLU. The ACLU may have a lot of trouble dictating to younger Americans. Because, young students don't like to see their freedom of religion taken away. It is time that older Americans join with our young students in defying the ACLU. Maybe our young people will show the way on this issue.

Good golly, what in the world is the ACLU anyway? Most Americans are really in the dark about his goofy organization. Every time we turn around the ACLU is in court suing the Boy Scouts of America or suing somebody about taking a Christian cross down. And, the ACLU is really hot on eliminating prayer and all Christian symbols from society. Therefore, a brief look at this organization would be helpful.

The early founders of the ACLU were Communists. The Russian Communist Party was their early model. One early court case in the 1930's had to do with a summer camp counselor holding regular camp meetings and emphasizing the importance of the Communist movement with raising a red Communist flag instead of the American flag. The ACLU defended this Communist summer camp counselor's to teach children Communism.

"By 1940, most of the cases that the ACLU represented were Communist related.
[M]embers elected during the first sixty years of the organization, almost eighty percent had Communist affiliations. A full ninety percent of the cases that [the ACLU] defended involved Communists. And as a result, it was stigmatized as a "Communist Front' organization itself."

By the 1960's, the ACLU had focused on purging Christianity from the public square with several successful challenges to prayer in public places. The Supreme Court generally sided with the ACLU in most cases. Thus, the attack on traditional Christian symbols in public got off to a good start for the ACLU.

In 1969, the ACLU defended the right to burn the American flag as a legitimate protest. This paved the way for mass flag burnings across America. With several successes in banning prayer, the ACLU took to the task of trying to eliminate the tax exemptions for Christian churches. Many at the ACLU were disturbed by this trend, but the ACLU marched on with their anti-Christian agenda.

In 1977, the ACLU decided that Affirmative Action was an issue that was worthy of their attention. So, they set out to push their organization to side with goal and quota formats on many fronts.

The ACLU moved into the political arena by attacking President Nixon, Judge Bork, and Oliver North. However justified the criticism, the ACLU most surely has become a political force supporting a left leaning Democratic Party agenda. Most members of the ACLU are now quite political and have lost any attempt to be solely a legal advocate. Since being politically neutral is no longer a concern, it appears that the ACLU has become the legal arm of the Democratic National committee.

If the ACLU had their way, we would be living in a Russia-like country. Of course, the ACLU would have a lofty place in the Communist party. Because, the Communists owe a lot to the ACLU for being their mouth piece in America for the last 80 years. Americans need to wake up and support organizations that expose the ACLU.

In conclusion, it is time for Americans to join together to unveil the ACLU for what they really are. Namely, they are nothing more than a Communist legal aid society that is tied directly to the Democratic Party.


The ACLU has declared war on military memorials. It is about time that veterans groups and Americans who are proud of our veterans stand up and be counted. If the Communist loving ACLU can do it, they will have every Christian cross in America torn down. So, it is time for all Americans to support veterans organizations at this important time.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

America Banned

New flash: "Michigan Department of Education has forbidden teachers from using the words America and American when they mean us, people who live in the United States of America."

The entire political correctness debate is getting outrageous. It is time for parents to take control of educating their children. I suggest concerned parents take their children out of public school and send them to Christian schools or private schools that teach real history and the greatness of America. Enough is enough. The time for action is now. Our children and grandchildren need a real education.

It appears that we are creating a Castro style Cuban education system filled with Communist /socialist mandates and repressive life styles. On the other hand, Havana has been real creative. Because, they have the skill to keep the largest fleet of 1957 Chevy Bel Air taxi cabs running. Good golly, since Castro is one of the richest men in the world, he should contribute a little of his wealth toward buying some new taxi cabs for Havana. Maybe Castro could trade his Cuban cigars to acquire several Russian top of the line cabs like the GAZ-24 Volga.

Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs has it right in the following quote: "This is an outright assault in the elitist war on the middle class. And working men and women who've already borne the pain of losing good-paying manufacturing jobs and having middle-class jobs outsourced to cheap foreign labor markets are faced with the onslaught of more illegal immigration and cheap labor into the American economy. This president and Congress talk about bringing illegal aliens out of the shadows while they turn out the lights on our middle class."

In conclusion, if we do not address the aforementioned, America's middle class will be gone in a decade. The elites in America are making millions at the expense of the average working person. Voters should demand change now.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Confusion on Campus

I wonder if colleges have lost their way. It seems that most colleges do not stand for anything positive. Being against American traditional values is yelled from the lecture halls. And, protesting the greatness of American institutions and democracy is a real popular past-time. However, do colleges teach what it means to be a responsible person who contributes to society in a positive way? The answer is "I don't think so."

When burning the American flag, cursing the Founding Fathers, attacking Army recruiter, disparaging the Boy Scouts of America, and kicking the Christian Cross off campus is the "in thing" to do , something has gone wrong with our colleges.

Hate Speech

I found the following hate speech troubling.

"California is going to be a Mexican state, we are going to control all the institutions. If people don't like it they should leave." [MARIO OBLEDO-(1998 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient and former head of Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund-MALDEF) Tom Leykis Radio Show, June 7, 1998.]

I hope this is not the attitude of most Hispanics in America. Our immigration debate in lively enough without this type of speech.

ACLU Attacks Christianity

"In Dallas, a school district strikes the words “In God We Trust from the photo of an enlarged nickel on a yearbook cover for fear of offending students of differing religions. On the hand, in California, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (the one that outlawed the Pledge of Allegiance for its reference to God) approved putting public school students through Muslim role-playing exercises."

The ACLU was founded by Communists who were and still are determined to purge Christianity from society and establish a nation that looks more like Communist Russia than America. Why would they do that? Because, the ACLU wants to transfer the means of production and authority to the government. Thus, creating a Communist government that is capable of controling society. A good Communist cannot tolerate Christianity. Communists don't like the idea that people will worship a Christian God. The Communist State needs to be worshipped according to the ACLU. The ACLU's founding documents and early leaders made this clear in the 1920's.

In conclusion, the ACLU has not moved too far from their Communist roots. The ACLU wants a new world order. And, this new world order does not have room for Christianity.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Religious Left and My Journey

My faith journey stated many years ago. I started out in life as a fundamentalist. However, I struggled with all the rules. And, the intolerance of fundamentalism finally became too much. So, my faith journey took me from fundamentalism to moderate evangelism to liberal theology. My journey at a Religious Left church has been quite enlightening.

Today, I am quite independent and liberal leaning on many issues. However, I still hold to the divinity of Jesus Christ and importance of the Holy Bible. On the hot button issues of abortion and same-sex marriage, I tend to be more understanding than most Christians. However, when it come to trying to elevate environmental issues to the same level as eternal salvation, I draw the line. Furthermore, I really do not want to listen to another lecture on the importance of environmentalism or welfare reform at Sundays morning worship services. Over the years, I have heard too much politics from the pulpit of my Religious Left church.

During my faith journey, I lived and went to college in a liberal college town. And, two liberal theological seminaries were nearby. I visited several denominations over the years. And, I heard plenty of sermons from a left perspective at various left leaning churches (United Church of Christ, Congregational, Methodist, Disciples of Christ).

Some sermons from left leaning ministers identified the enemy of the left. I heard the conservative activist Ralph Reed disparaged personally from the pulpit. And, I heard Bill Clinton defended personally from the pulpit during his sex scandals. In fact, my Religious Left newspaper, put out by our denomination, accused President Bush of being akin to a Nazi. Others on the Religious Left have voiced similar views.

When visiting Religious Left churches, I have noticed very few people bring their Bibles to church. In some churches, there are no Bibles in the pews. In fact, when I visited one Religious Left Church, I was ridiculed for bringing my red letter edition Bible to church. It seems that the person next to me was a theologian and he lectured me about my red letter edition being out of date and that Jesus did not really speak the words in my red letter edition.

At another time at a Religious Left church, a minister spoke about how foolish it was that anyone could believe that Jesus was born of a virgin. Not long after that, a Religious Left minister implied that Saint Paul was really a homosexual.

While I am pleased with the openness of most Religion Left churches, most have become too concerned with political issues. In my view, the Religious Left have become politically motivated to the extreme. The Religious Left will argue that social activism and the politics of the left are just as important as eternal salvation. This is where I disagree with the Religious Left.

The National Council of Churches (NCC) and the World Council of Churches (WCC), which is dominated by the Religious Left, is quite vocal in promoting social activism over in the importance of eternal salvation. In fact, the WCC has suggested time and again that churches should undertake a radical reconstruction of society in a socialist model. It appears that the NCC and WCC are really promoting a universal socialist religion based on the Religious Left model. In this model, it appears that Jesus Christ will not be central.

Furthermore, NCC and WCC have been quick to criticize western democracies but have been slow to criticize oppressive Marxist governments and real human rights abuses world wide. When the NCC and WCC sides with godless Marxist and Communist governments over freedom of religion promoting democracies, one must question the direction of these organizations.

I will repeat my previous post. "For the most part, the Religious Right believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Bible is the only authority, Jesus was actually born of the virgin Mary, died and actually rose from the grave, and is the only way to salvation. On the other hand, most on the Religious Left do not believe the aforementioned." The aforementioned are a general observations of course. And, I am sure that there are exceptions.

In conclusion, I agree with the Religious Left on some issues. I like their inclusiveness and tolerance. On the other hand, I agree with the Religious Right when it comes to their deep faith in the absolutes of biblical truths.

I pray that we can move to higher ground in our discussions about
our Christianity, just like in the old gospel song Higher Ground by Johnson Oatman Jr.

I'’m pressing on the upward way,
New heights I'’m gaining every day;
Still praying as I'm onward bound,
“Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Where's The Church Going?

On Sunday, the Methodist minister said, "Our denomination has been on the decline every year since 1968." A quick Google search will show that most mainline denominations are on the decline including the Catholic Church. On the other hand, some evangelical and fundamentalist church denominations are increasing rapidly.

I have thought a lot about this over the years. Being a Christian, and a church going type, I worry that someday there will not be a church to attend. Furthermore, I have witnessed churches decline and become lifeless. It seems what happened to these declining churches had more to do with a loss of attendance than anything else. However, I wonder what came first. Was the problem really a lack of attendance. Or, was the preaching and church service not inspiring enough to draw and keep Christians attending.

This being said, I think a contemporary worship style is an important factor. It appears that mainline denominations and the Catholic Church have been slow to realize that young Christians desire a more contemporary worship style. Even though this is a reality, I don't like my worship service to sound like a rock concert. And, I detest hearing Christian rap music.

On the other hand, young Christians want this type of service. Young Christians grow up in a world of fast contemporary music that fuels their emotions in a way that older people cannot understand. Many large and growing churches have addressed this problem by creating two services on Sunday. One service is traditional and is conducted by the senior pastor. And, one service is contemporary and conducted by a youth pastor. I suspect that there is a feeling among young Christians that Jesus Christ is more of a superstar than a savior. Regardless, I am from the old school and still think Jesus Christ is the way to salvation.

In conclusion, I pray that all Christians, traditional and contemporary, will come to appreciate the love of Jesus Christ and respond by drawing closer to the Lord. Amen.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Religious Left

The religious left is trying to redefine themselves. Who are the religious left anyway? They are mostly mainline Christian denominations. And, Jewish, Muslim, and assorted non-Christian groups have joined this so-called spiritually progressive movement. The religious left has had a hard time since the 1970's. Because, they have supported the politics of the left. By siding with politicians supporting same-sex marriage and pro-abortion, the religious left has lost ground with most church going moderates and conservatives.

Who are the religious right? They are mostly Christians who take their Bible to church and actually read it. The reason that the religious left is having a difficult time with the religious right is simple. The disconnect is a fundamental difference in belief. For the most part, the religious right believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, the Bible is the only authority, Jesus was actually born of the virgin Mary, died and actually rose from the grave, and is the only way to salvation. On the other hand, most on the religious left do not believe the aforementioned.

Now, the religious left wants to redefine the debate and make other political issues spiritual issues. However, it will be hard to convince church going moderates and conservatives that environmental issues, like saving an endangered tortoise or using bio-fuels in their cars, will be able to trump the importance of eternal life with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Da Vinci Code

The movie Da Vinci Code is quite controversial. This movie states in essence that the Catholic church is a fraud. We in America are quite accustomed to critical movies and books about our religion. On the other hand, can you imagine the outrage if a movie had been made pointing to Islam as a fraud. Good golly, we would never hear the end of it. We would be boycotted by the UN and all world leaders would have spoken out against us. Arabs world wide would have declared war on us. However, this movie stated the Catholic church is a fraud. So, this is okay. Wonders never cease.


Europe is experiencing immigration problems similar to the United States. Immigrants from Africa and other poor southern countries are flooding Europe. In most cases, European immigration problems are more severe. Because, poor immigrants coming from southern countries do not share religious or other cultural identifiers with Europeans. Thus, Europe is being changed fundamentally. From a social perspective, the future of Europe will rest on its ability to change from a secular social construct to a society based on tribalism and Islam.

In conclusion, the United States will change in the future. But, the basic social construct will remain. Namely, the United States will continue to lean toward a Christian orientation with secular and socialist trappings. And, this will mean social stability and steady economic growth.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Boys are falling behind in school. This fact is not in dispute by educators. Now it seems, female educators want boys to fall even further behind by making sure that boys do not advance in math and science. This will be accomplished by not allowing boys into science and math programs at the college and high school level, even if boys excel. There seems to be a war against boys in education. In the end, society will be harmed by this slanted approach to education.

Fast Food

I wonder how many hamburgers Americans consume a day. It sure seems like most fast food chains that I see are usually real busy most of the time. Also, when we look at a hamburger, we see meat, vegetables, bread, and dairy products (cheese). Is the hamburger getting a bad rap? Maybe.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ward Churchill

"University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill stole the work of others, twisted facts to bolster his own theories and repeatedly violated the most basic standards of scholarly research, the committee assigned to investigate him wrote in a stinging report made public Tuesday."

The Ward Churchill story is an example of the misguided college teaching profession. Colleges in general are full of Ward Churchill types. Ethnic studies departments are stocked to the brim with anti-American professors. Communist / socialist professors gladly lecture on the glories of Cuba , Russia, and China. At the same time, these same professors criticize American style democracy. In graduate school, I listened to a lecture from a department chair about Cuba's superior social service programs. Of course, there was no mention as to why Cubans will swim across the Gulf of Mexico in shark infested water on an inflated automobile tire to get out of Cuba.

Ward Churchill is just the tip of the iceberg. Most universities have been quiet on this hot issue. Because, they know if someone starts digging into their particular university, several Ward Churchills would surface.

Friday, May 12, 2006


The Patriot Act and other government spying on citizens may be quite harmful to our free society. I am especially concerned with internet spying and suggestions that bloggers are somehow suspect.

On the other hand, Bush bashing for the sake of electing Democrats gets old. Democrats have used government spying to their advantage in the past. Bill Clinton used various spy agencies to go after anyone who criticized his policies or his behavior.

Oh well, the real war of words will start when another Clinton runs for the White House soon. Hillary hackers will attack her and her husband's liberal past.

I am still studying Hillary's years at Yale Law School when she helped defend several Black Panthers on trial for murder. And, she helped close down Yale in protest of said trial. A side bar: Two of those Black Panthers would later become college administrators in California.

President Bush has fallen short in many areas. His inability to realize the need for immigration reform has been quite harmful to America. And, his lack of funding for VA hospitals is a real concern.

The Democrats are just as clueless. They do not have any ideas of how to cope with the aforementioned. This is especially true with it come to terrorism.

In conclusion, I hope the next president, Republican or Democrat, will do a better job.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky, America's in-house Commie, said, "the U.S is one of the leading terrorist states, and the other states become terrorist or non-terrorist depending on how they are relating to U.S. goals."

Leave it to good old Norm to spend more time discussing peace with Middle East terrorists and then calling America a terrorist nation. Norm is a highly regarded college professor. Thus, this is just another example of our Commie dominated colleges.

Maybe someday, Norm with fall head over heels in love the Middle East terrorists and join one of the many terrorist training camps. Or, he could just stay at MIT and continue proclaiming the evils of America while drawing a nice fat paycheck. Oh my gosh, could Norm be an evil capitalist and devoted terrorist lover at the same time? Wonders cease.


Congress does not want to hear from Veterans. The American Legion, VFW, AmVets, and Disabled American Veterans are being shut out of the budget process this year by Republicans. Normally, these groups, called Veterans Service Organizations (VSO), are allowed to testify before congress during the formulation of the budget. Now, congress has shut out the VSO's by moving the time they can testify up several months, away from the budgetary process, and limiting the time VSO representatives can talk. Republicans and Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. I hope the voters will remember these scalawags in the next election.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Communism and Feminism

Communism and feminism are linking by ideology. The ideas, activities, and traditions of the feminist movement have their roots in the Communist movement. The Communist Party of the United States of American (CPUSA) set the stage for the modern feminist movement. The CPUSA of the 1940's and 1950's shaped what we are experiencing today. Simply put, our current sexual harassment policies and the entire male - female relationship model has been formed, for the most part, by CPUSA ideas. We now live in a society where a slip of the tongue or a admiring looking can get a man fired or sued. Yes indeed, the CPUSA has move our society to a place where political correctness is just another term for thought control. And, diversity training classes are like the reeducation camps employed by the Communist Chinese, Communist Russians, and Communist North Vietnamese.

In Kate Weigard's recent book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation, she proudly proclaims that ideas, activities, and traditions from the Communist movement rule the new womens's movement of today.

America's obsession with women studies, public daycare, birth control, abortion, and children rights have their origins in the Communist agenda. This is not to say that the aforementioned don't have some merit and deserve a healthy debate. However, the legitimacy of these ideas have become institutionalized in a manner that makes any opposition impossible. Political correctness and the thought police have been quite effective stifling any intelligent discussion about the merits of the feminist agenda.

Betty Frieden, wrote The Feminine Mystique and has been declared the founder of modern American feminism. She was a longtime Communist and most of the early feminist leaders were deeply involved in the Communist movement. By exploring the Communist agenda, an objective reader can easily see the results of the Communist movement and feminism on American society. The following are important developments in our society and are rooted in the Communist / feminist movement.

1. Feminism hates femininity and does everything possible to reduce the idea that women and men are unique.

2. Feminism embraces equality of races and classes to include equality of outcomes such as achievement and merit. Because, this reduces the differences in men and women and denies the special qualities that each sex brings to the fabric of life.

3. Feminism promotes a belief that human nature can be totally shaped by indoctrination and coercion. And, biological differences are minimized in the extreme.

4. Feminism rejects God and religious authority because historic male dominated authority figures have shaped religious thought.

5. Feminism refuses to debate the subject in an open forum, because free speech is not tolerated when it comes to questioning their political agenda.

6. Suppressing dissenting views are normal tactics. Anyone who disagrees or questions the feminist point of view are attacked as sexist, racist, or intolerant. All dissenting voices are subject to diversity training. They are ostracize, or worse, they are push out of the organization or social circle.

7. They have peddled multiculturalism as a way to form bonds with everyone except white males. Race and gender conflict is a key component of the feminist movement. By stimulating ethnic based organizations with controversial issues, a constant questioning of the democratic process is put forth in a way that invalidates an orderly inquiry and objective thought.

Feminism has one overriding goal. Namely, they want to install a Communist government upon America. Part of this goal has already been accomplished by making sure that free speech has been stifled and political correctness trumps free and open discussion of the issues of the day. Feminism's goal is to destroy American democracy and provide for the transition to a Communist government that mirrors Communist Russia, Communist China, Communist North Vietnam, and Communist Cuba.

In conclusion, feminists feel that this transition will somehow bring them increased power in society. Feminists will be fooled by their own folly. The myth of Communism has bedazzled feminists and their many organizations into believing that Communism will give them the human validation and importance that they crave. All the while, their quest for self-validation and importance has always been within themselves.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Lou Dobbs

Even though Lou Dobbs may be somewhat off-target on immigration and outsourcing, I find those that oppose Lou Dobbs and want him fired to have equally flawed arguments.

Low Dobbs is honest about outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries for the purpose of increasing corporate profit. And, his stance on immigration is based on his view that immigration policy and laws should be enforced.

Most of his vocal critics support outsourcing all American jobs to low wage countries. And, his critics on immigration favor an immigration policy based on No Borders.

Furthermore, immigration reform, outsourcing, and globalism are linked. In fact, immigration reform is going to be a hot topic in the next few years. This issue may decide the fate of the next president. And, the impact on America will be tremendous. Right or wrong, America will look a lot like Latin America in 20 years. Since the quality of life in most Latin American countries is lacking, this will not be progress for the American people.

The elites in Washington, D.C., New York City and the United Nations seem to have plotted a journey to lead America into the New World Order where a cosmopolitan global citizen is no more connected to his country than a sociopath to his fellow man.

President Bush continues to push his immigration plan. Unfortunately, I don't think he is being honest with the American people. Global forces are at work. Immigration and globalism are tied together just like oil companies. One may think that these are separate, but in reality, immigration and the globalism have a common goal. Namely, eliminating borders and gaining control of natural and human resources is the long-term goal. In the end, wages and living standards will be depressed.

Lou Dobbs is addressing this issue in a round-about way. He may not survive this critics, because the global elites will not allow anyone, even Lou Dobbs, to criticize their agenda for very long.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Immigration reform is going to be a hot topic in the next few years. This issue may decide the fate of the next president. And, the impact on America will be tremendous. Right or wrong, America will look a lot like Latin America in 20 years. Since the quality of life in most Latin American countries is lacking, this will not be progress for the American people.

"The elites in Washington, D.C., New York City and the United Nations seem to have plotted a journey to lead America into the New World Order where a cosmopolitan global citizen is no more connected to his country than a sociopath to his fellow man."

President Bush continues to push an immigration plan. Unfortunately, he is not being honest with the American people. Global forces are at work. Immigration and globalism are tied together just like oil companies. One may think that these are separate, but in reality, immigration and the globalism have a common goal. Namely, eliminating borders and gaining control of natural and human resources is the goal. In the end, wages and living standards will be depressed.

The global elite want control of the economic life of the earth. This will mean that America will look a lot like Latin America where the average person lives in poverty without adequate health care, food, or social services. The global elite will be wealthy beyond imagination, while Americans struggle to survive.

"There's more to a temporary foreign workers plan than at first meets the eye. Listen carefully to the lingo emanating from the January 2004 Summit of President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox. Fox openly talked about open borders. But Ronald Reagan warned us, A nation without borders is not a nation."

"President Bush signed the Declaration of Quebec City on April 22, 2001, making a commitment to globalist goals for the Western Hemisphere. These proclaimed goals include hemispheric integration, greater economic integration, interdependence, and national and collective responsibility for the Western Hemisphere. The purpose is to expand NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) into the hemisphere-wide Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)."

Globalism, what a nice sounding word. However, don't let appearances fool you. The end result of Globalism will turn the United States of America into a Latin American country. And, the average American will suffer greatly from this transition.

In the near future, maybe I will be able to write a new book titled, Grapes of Wrath II. This can be about the migration of poor American people to Canada looking for jobs shoveling snow. One character will be President Bush as another Herbert Hoover. He can play himself.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

College: A Training Ground for Socialists and Communists

Sen. John McCain was speaking at a university graduation recently. And, students and staff protested. This seems about right. Even at my small college, a moderate Republican speaker was protested recently. Most colleges in America are training grounds for socialists and Communists. So, why would anyone be surprised to hear that a college would not want to welcome a conservative that believes in participate democracy and a free market economy?

Since our colleges have turned hard Left, it is important to realize that academics are not capable of being objective any longer. When I was in graduate school, it was obvious that a conservative voice was not welcomed in the classroom. Most college students do not know enough about real history and the importance of American sacrifices toward world-wide democracy to understand that college professors are pouring nonsense into classrooms.

Furthermore, management and business classes are stuffed full of politically correct phrases and socialist / Communist ideas. Affirmative Action, American Disability Act, and Family Medical Leave Act laws are touted as akin to Holy scripture. Anyone who questions these sacred programs is branded as a racist, sexist, or just plain out of touch with progressive thought. These programs were created to set aside jobs for women and minorities. And, these programs allow individuals that cannot meet job requirement for various legitimate and non-legitimate reasons to have their jobs protected. This is altruistic and quite commendable. However, by saddling our American business community with the burden of accommodating the aforementioned, American business is put at a distinct disadvantage with regard to our current global economy.

It must be acknowledged that Affirmation Action was a necessary program to allow equal access to jobs, education, and government services. However, Affimative Action has now become a way to provide set aside jobs, education, and government services to those that are deemed special by the government. This was not what Affirmative Action was intended to be. This is not equal access. This is a quota system that is based on favoritism with no consideration given to merit or achievement.

The Americans with Disability Act is a good program. Employees who are hurt on the job, need to be allowed a chance to keep their jobs. Employees who have been disabled while trying to do a good job should be retrained to be productive employees. However, in many cases it has caused employers to hire people that are not capable of meeting job requirements.

The Federal Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was well intended. Employees and families do have special needs in caring for medical emergencies. On the other hand, it appears that most FMLA issues are not emergencies. Furthermore, FMLA is being abused by employees who just need more time off to deal with life's many struggles. We all need more time in our personal life, but to require employers to adjust work schedules and accommodate all employee personal time off needs is not fair.

The merits of Affirmative Action, Americans with Disability Act, and Federal Medical Leave Act are being taught in management and business programs as the holy grail of our market economy. Any questions about the appropriateness of these programs will not be tolerated in the classroom. These examples are just a sampling of the Left leaning ideas that cannot be discussed or questioned in our colleges today.

In conclusion, David Horowitz make a good point in his new book, Professors. "Coming to a Campus Near You: Terrorists, racists, and communists, you know them as The Professors. We all know that left-wing radicals from the 1960s have hung around academia and hired people like themselves. But if you thought they were all harmless, antiquated hippies, you'd be wrong. Today's radical academics aren't the exception, they're legion. And far from being harmless, they spew violent anti-Americanism, preach anti-Semitism, and cheer on the killing of American soldiers and civilians, —all the while collecting tax dollars and tuition fees to indoctrinate our children."

Friday, May 05, 2006


Fidel Castro is one of the wealthiest men in the world. This is real hard to figure, because he suppose to be Communist. Everyone knows that Communists are more concerned about their people than money. However, Fidel Castro can care about his people and get rich at the same time. Good golly, with all his money I wonder why he does not upgrade his fleet of 1957 Chevy Bel Air taxi cabs in Havana.

Students Carrying Guns

The world of education is getting real goofy now. Students at a college in New York want to have the right to carry guns on campus. Things are hot enough at most colleges. Now, students want to carry guns to classes. Good golly, the world is getting crazy.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


A Navy Chaplain may be court-martialed for praying outside the White House in uniform. And, military chaplains are being criticized for praying in the name of Jesus. This entire situation is just absurd. Military chaplains are suppose to be conveyers of our faith. To suppress them in their public relationship with God is just plain crazy. I hope President Bush corrects this goofy policy by the military. To persecute military chaplains is un-American.

Corporate Accountability

Finally, someone is raising an issue close to my heart. Namely, charitable giving by corporate leaders to worthless charities. Jesse Jackson's PUSH has been shaking down companies for years. Stockholders did not know how much money the corporation was giving away to scalawags like Jesse. Now, the news that PUSH may be getting millions from major corporations each year under the guise of charitable giving is being put forth. Good golly, it is about time.

War on Terror

Al Qaida has been prevented from acquiring weapons of mass destruction (WMD). American and allied efforts in the Middle East and internationally have sidetracked terrorists organizations, in general, in moving forward with their previous plans of acquiring and using WMD.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Laptop Computers in the Classroom

College professors are complaining about students using laptop computers in class. Because, the students are doing other things with their laptops. The students are not usually taking notes.
In the future, college students will be taking most of their classes using a computer. So, the professors had better adjust now. Computer based learning is just getting off the ground.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Dennis Prager wrote the following:

"The ACLU is suing cities and counties to remove crosses from their city and county seals. One of the ACLU's greatest victories was getting the Board of Supervisors in a 3-2 vote (the three were the three leftist supervisors) to remove the tiny cross from the seal of Los Angeles County. Of course, this was done in the name of separation of church and state; no one falsifies history without some higher motive. But falsifying Los Angeles County's history was the issue. The cross was on the seal because Los Angeles was founded by Catholics. That is why it is named "Los Angeles," "the angels." (Once the ACLU successfully removes all crosses from cities and counties, will it move on to changing religious names such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and St. Louis, not to mention Corpus Christi?)"

The ACLU is a Communist group and is working overtime to take control of American thought. The thought police and the ACLU are the same. This is disturbing trend. I hope American wake up to the realities of ACLU activities.

Monday, May 01, 2006

May 1st.

"We'’re going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno" on May Day this Monday, labor organizer Jorge Rodriquez told the British wire service Reuters.

Why? This is the question most Americans are asking. I am still trying to organize my thoughts about why those who come to America to seek a better life would want to close down America. The protestors want a better life but are closing down an economy that provides them a better life in the first place. This is quite confusing.

Public officials and the Catholic church including the Mayor of LA have been supporters of this type of action. However, both are running from this day of protest. If the marches get out of hand, both will probably disavow an association with this movement. I guess this is good politics. However, why support closing down the economy in the first place.

I hope everything is peaceful.

Public Schools and Islam

Islam is taught in public schools in California. And, the 9th Circuit has blessed this teaching. So again I say, Christianity is being attacked in the public schools and the public square.

In what can only be seen as a double-standard, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that teaching Islam in a public school does not amount to indoctrination, even though the court’s rulings indicate recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance apparently does.

According to the Ninth Circuit, long known for its far-left decisions, “The Islam program activities were not overt religious exercises that raise Establishment Clause concerns.” What exactly were the activities? At the Excelsior School, located in the Byron County School District in Contra Costa, California, a teacher led her seventh grade students in “role-playing sessions in which students used Muslim names and recited language from prayers.”

In addition, the teacher even attempted to get her students to fast for Ramadan, an overtly Muslim holiday, asking them to give up something.

Can you imagine a teacher attempting to read the birth narrative of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke in order to educate a class, or asking students to fast during the Lenten season? The ACLU would be screaming “separation of church and state.”

In conclusion, when it is a crime to celebrate Christmas or Easter in school, it is time we Christians start our own movement away from public schools. Public schools are now just politically correct training grounds that promote a socialist/communist agenda.

May God give us the wisdom to keep our faith strong and educate our children in a way that glorifies our Lord and savior. Praise the Lord.

By T.L. Stanley on 04.30.06 5:44 am