Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson said some pretty awful things while drunk. Some have used this to accuse Mel Gibson of promoting and directing one of the most anti-Semitic movies of all time in the Passion of Christ.

At first glance, I would have to say that the Passion of Christ is reflective of the Bible story. Traditional mainline teaching quoted the Bible in a way that reinforced Gibson's movie. However, as liberal theology moved into most seminaries and highly influenced mainline theology toward a more watered-down version of Biblical events, this changed. I am not quite sure the watered down version is a good development.

On the other hand, I can appreciate Jewish concerns regarding this issue. And, I can understand why watering down harsh segments of Biblical truths is done in the name of inclusion. But in general, our liberal theology is not playing well at most churches.

People are not embracing a liberal theology. There is something about attending a Sunday sermon on the religious benefits of recycling trash to save the environment or listening to a guest speaker talk on the religious importance of the Voting Rights Act. My liberal denomination has lost members nation-wide every year for the past 20 years. Most other liberal denominations are facing similar membership declines.

To pound this home, I heard a sermon at my local UCC a few Easters ago and found it odd. The minister went too far in trying to explain away the Bible text and references to Jewish activity in the last days of Jesus. In fact, I lost her logic as she tried to grapple with the Bible story and then explain how the Jews that plotted the death of Jesus were really good people. I still remember her strained presentation as she emphasized the goodness in Judaism. It was an uncomfortable sermon for her.

In conclusion, I appreciate your post. And, I agree with some of your ideas. But, rewriting the Bible to accommodate contemporary theology is a danger. Historic Biblical concepts can be understood within context. And, contemporary theology can be rewarding. But, rewriting and devaluing Bible stories is not beneficial for our Christianity.

War on Terror

A liberal blogger stated recently, "this is not a 'war' that we can win by bombing the crap out of people. this is a war that we need to fight as we have fought domestic terrorists here at home- covert operations, infiltration, and coalition building. this isn't a war we can win with tanks, artillery and ground troops."

In general, I disagree with this post. In fact, this blog run counter to most of my ideas. However, one issue noted is worthy of mention. Namely, we need to do a better job with our homeland security.

Gosh, do we win wars with tanks, artillery, and ground troops.? Well, the Germans and Japanese in WWII know the truth. The Communist Chinese and Communist North Koreans in the Korean War know the truth.

I did not give all this much thought when I was stationed with the 8th Army on the Korean DMZ in the 1960's. At that time, it seemed to me that the only thing that kept the Communists from invading again was our ability to bomb, our tanks, our artillery, and our ground troops. Today, we still have the ability to stop Communist aggression in the Pacific Rim. However, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan will need to allocate more resources to self-defense.

With regard to the war on terror, commonsense would dictate that our war on terror should have two components. First, it should begin at home. We need an immigration and visa program that makes sure that terrorists are not allowed in America. This includes an effective homeland security and INS agent force at airports, water ways, and our borders.

Second, America needs to make sure that countries that sponsor or support terrorism get cut off from our vast array aid programs. And, we should make sure that all countries that sponsor or support terrorism do not benefit from our generous trade policies. For some reason, the White House does not see trade policy as an effect strategy in the war on terror. Hopefully, this will change.

The war on terrorism is going to be a long war. I support all action that will insure our survival. This includes changing the leadership in any country that actively promotes terrorism directed toward America.

In conclusion, my hat is off to all our military personnel fighting against a demented enemy. Our military personnel are fighting the good fight while many TV news shows demean our military.

May the Lord be with our troops. God bless America.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


I am a Christian but not a Baptist. However, I find the most recent happenings within the Baptist Church interesting. I was raised in a rural setting. And, Baptists were everywhere. So, I have a fair understanding of their conservative views, especially hard-shell Baptists.

I read recently that Baptist Colleges are disassociating themselves from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). For those not aware of the SBC, they are the largest Baptist Denomination in America. Of course, there are many Baptist denominations, but the SBC stands out as one of the most conservative and they are quite politically active.

Many Baptist colleges have now decided they do not need oversight from SBC. This is odd, because the SBC funded many of them for decades with heavy commitments of time and money. Now, many Baptist colleges are saying, "Thanks but we are going our own way now."

At Georgetown College in Kentucky, the SBC wanted to have one conservative professor appointed to the faculty. This college decided that they would not tolerate one theological conservative named to the faculty of the college's religion department. Let me repeat, SBC wanted one conservative professor appointed.

Georgetown College has drawn a line in the sand and it throwing SBC out of their academic life. Furthermore, several other Baptist colleges want to follow Georgetown and throw the SBC out of their colleges.

This begs the question. Why do conservative Baptists academics want SBC out of college life. I think there are two reasons. First, I think that all college teaching is infected with political correctness to the point that conservative Christian ideas are not welcome any longer. Second, students going to college today are molded by our contemporary society to be more secular and less conservative in their Christian views.

What will the SBC do now? It might be wise to re-invent SBC. The future of SBC will depend on training young Christians to go into the world and be successful in their faith and working lives. With this in mind, it might be better for SBC to start moving away from supporting general education Baptist colleges and start creating professional schools similar to what Oral Roberts University (ORU) did a few decades ago. Even though ORU did not accomplish their goals, they created a good model for blending an academic focused higher education, professional school training, and a solid Christian education.

May the Lord be with our bright young people as they create a world where their Christian values will guide them. Amen.


Christian Fundamentalism is not my cup of tea. I am a moderate theologically. However, it seems to me that mainline churches have been too harsh in criticizing Fundamentalists.

Recently, David W. Key, director of Baptist Studies at the Candler School of Theology at Emory, put it more starkly. "The real underlying issue is that fundamentalism in the Southern Baptist form is incompatible with higher education.''

The aforementioned statement is an arrogant approach to the discussion of Fundamentalism. Moreover, this appears to be typical of educators in America. When I was in graduate school, having strong feelings about traditional views about the Bible was akin to being from the planet Neptune.

In conclusion, even though educators pass themselves off as being the wizards of tolerance, American educators are not tolerant of Fundamentalism in the classroom. Hopefully, American educators will learn to be more tolerant of opposing views.


Some say,"Whether we like it or not, Hezbollah and Hamas have transitioned from terrorist organizations to domestic political entities. In the later case Hamas was elected to power in a free and open election which we supported." This is a good point. And, I think that Israel and America have not done a good job over the last several decades in mediating this age-old conflict. On the other hand, Israel has a right to defend itself.

It might be helpful to explore America's relationship with Mexico's sometimes hostile government. Mexico elected a government recently. Would we allow Mexico to launch missiles into Los Angeles just because Mexico thinks that Los Angeles belongs to Mexico? I think not.

Our military response to an attack on America would be swift. America would not care if the missiles were being launched by the government or by terrorists. Our response would be to eliminate all missile launch capabilities across the border.

Using the same logic, it seems that Israel has a right to self-defense when being attacked by missiles being launched from across the border. This being said, the Middle East is a complex place and I will pray for peace.

Saturday, July 29, 2006


The Lord

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord is My Shepherd by Simon Dewey


Welcome to Jesusland


Senator Salazar

Colorado Senator Salazar resents former Gov. Lamm for saying that Hispanics and blacks lack ambition. Needless to say, a comment like this will surely meet with criticism.

On the other hand, Senator Salazar has made a couple of bizarre comments himself. Since Salazar has been in the Senate, he has referred to a Christian organization headed by Charles Dobson as the "Anti-Christ". On another occasion he referred to Justice Clarence Thomas as an "abomination".

Based on these two comments, Senator Salazar is guilty of using a poor choice of words to express himself. Therefore, Senator Salazar should be more careful in criticizing others. An old saying holds true. "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Friday, July 28, 2006

Al Gore

Darth Hillary

Hillary Darth Vader Parody

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jimmy Carter Strikes Again

Jimmy Carter strikes again. In his most recent writings, his contempt for most Christians is disturbing. I have belonged to a liberal church for many years now, and I find Jimmy Carter's ideas about fundamentalism repeated over and over in the liberal church. Jimmy and the liberal church needs to practice a little tolerance. Wait a minute. What am I saying? We in the liberal church and liberals in general are suppose to be the wizards of tolerance.

I will make the argument that conservatives are more tolerant and respectful of others than liberals like Jimmy Carter. For example, Jimmy Carter showed little tolerance or respect at the recent funeral of Coretta Scott King . He used the funeral to score political points and attack President Bush, who was gracious and tolerant in allowing Jimmy Carter his day on stage.

Furthermore, in 1980 and again in 1984, he contacted the Russians to destroy Ronald Reagan's presidency. Recent KGB documents show Jimmy Carter as a man obsessed with a hatred of Ronald Reagan. This hatred extended to asking the KGB for help. Jimmy Carter wanted to win the 1980 presidential election. So, he asked the Russians for help. In 1984, Jimmy Carter again asked the KGB to block Ronald Reagan's foreign policies.

Recently, Jimmy Carter stated that the Bush administration should not have any secrets. And, he said, "Our government leaders have become increasingly obsessed with secrecy." I wonder if Jimmy Carter wants his involvement with the KGB to remain a secret.

I will write later on Jimmy Carter's decisions to give away the Panama canal, caused an Islamic revolution in Iran, disabled our American military, and appointing American ambassador Andrew Young to the UN, who possessed a seething hatred of America. And then, who can forget one of Jimmy's proudest moments; namely, he gleefully pardoned draft dodgers.

Jimmy Carter was not a great president. He is still quite bitter at traditional Christians, Republicans, and voters from the south. Because, they did not support his 1980 presidential reelection. In conclusion, I will pray that Jimmy will become more tolerant of people with different views.

Get The Vote Out Campaign

Vote for Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Governator

In the Year of Darkness, 2003, the rulers of the Republican party devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the future by changing the past election. The plan required a candidate who felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable. They created 'THE GOVERNATOR.'

Jimmy Carter

“ aftah the '84 'lection, Fritz Mondale calls me up and asks me to build him a damned free house. I said, "This is Habitat for Humanity, not Habitat for Insanity!!!


Reason #93 as to why you should always keep a roll of Mentos in your secret hideout.

The War

Does anyone else have a problem with the War in Iraq?

Hillary Clinton

I recently discovered that I am partly Punjabi.


Most of our supposed allies were knee deep in the biggest fraud in UN history. Our allies, France, Germany, Russia, China, and others were in bed with Saddam and the UN's Oil for Food program.

Not long ago, our allies supported America being ousted from the UNs Human Rights Commission. And, our allies support putting Libya and Cuba on the same commission. This would be humorous if it wasn't so sad. Pressure from John Bolton and the Bush Administration has forced the UN to face the folly of this commission. Just recently, this commission has been replaced with a new human rights council.

Our allies and neighbors, Canada, Mexico, France, Germany, Russia, and China continue to ask for millions in foreign aid and generous trade agreements. But, when we need help in stabilizing the Middle East, our allies are no where to be found. And, they show a seething contempt for us.

Our allies are not really allies. Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Russia, and China are self-serving countries that will continue to want assistance from America in their time of need or to further their own economic agenda. However, they will abandon us if our road gets rough. The following old saying is really true. "A friend in need is a friend indeed."


The Feds finally released information regarding a plan to form a North American Union. The World Net Daily filed a Freedom of Information Act request earlier this year. And, the US Dept of Commerce has now release information about a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada. This agreement could lead to a Superstate akin to an EU style alliance in North America. This Superstate plan has been disguised in a plan called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America and has grown out of NAFTA. Americans need to ask the Feds some real tough questions about this NAFTA related plan.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Boots on the ground

Monday, July 24, 2006

Our heat wave is cooking everything

Hello, OnStar?

When 500 channels is just not enough

Sunday, July 23, 2006


The UN at Work

USS Nashville

USS Nashville (LPD 13) anchors off the coastline of Beirut, Lebanon, July 21, 2006. Nashville is currently part of a mission to assist U.S. citizens in their departure from Lebanon. (Courtesy of DoD)

Free Speech

Free speech is essential in a democracy. President Bush and his supporters screen guests at his speaking engagements. Bush supporters may be over-reacting in banning those with a different view.

However, conservatives have been banned from the college campus. And when they do get to speak, there are plenty of people organized to yell and interrupt the speaker. Or, the liberals hit conservatives with pies. Even though liberals argue about tolerance, liberals really do not have much tolerance for opposing views.

While banning different views is wrong, liberals are just as guilty of trying to stop Bush or any conservative from speaking.

Bill Clinton and International Criminal Court

Bill Clinton agrees with most of what the UN stands for. Namely, Bill Clinton supports the idea of global governance by the UN. This includes international gun control, UN control of US forces, and the International Criminal Court being able to put American military personnel on trial and finding them guilty of war crimes for fighting against terrorism.

A treaty signed by President Clinton empowers an International Criminal Court (ICC), made up of strangers from foreign lands who have no concept of protections afforded American citizens by our Constitution, to reach out and try Americans for any number of charges. The charges do not have to be based on fact. And, our Constitution's Bill of rights would not apply when the ICC puts Americans on trial.

President Bush and a majority of senators passed legislation to protect Americans from the ICC. And, President Bush has put the international community on notice that America will not provide aid or military help to countries that try to impose the ICC on Americans.

Simply put, Bill Clinton wants to allow the ICC to have the power to haul Americans before international courts. President Bush rejects this idea and wants Americans to have the protection of the American constitution.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Clintons Rule

Hillary Clinton as president and Bill Clinton as head of UN would be a real tragedy for America. Good golly, I just can not imagine Hillary as president and Bill at the head of the UN. If this happened, I am not sure America would survive the experience. The UN and world court would move quickly to disarm America and invalidate our court system. And, our military would be put under the control of the UN. Since the Clintons and the UN don't like conservatives, all conservative talk shows would be considered hate speech. Gosh, what a world it would be.

Challenges of Eating Something Real Big

Texas Governor an NAFTA Superhighway

Texas governor Perry is in hot water for supporting the NAFTA Superhighway. Perry's reelection is coming up and this issue is a concern for many in Texas. Contractors building the NAFTA Superhighway have contributed to Perry's reelection campaign.

Others running for governor have called the NAFTA Superhighway a $184 billion boondoggle and a land grab. Even though the Bush administration and many politicians has tried hard to keep this under the radar, this will be a hot issue in the upcoming months.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Health Screening at Your Door

Washington state health officials will soon go door to door and start asking detailed questions about the health of state residents. And, the selected residents will be given a physical exam.

A door to door survey of randomly selected households is the strategy. Across the state, some residents will get a medical person at their door asking the most personal questions and probing into the lives of people.

What is going on in Washington state? It seems to me that this is too intrusive. The next thing you know, the government will want everyone's DNA so they can create a national DNA data base.

What am I saying. Some government officials have already suggested the government gather DNA and create a national DNA data base. Wonders never cease.

God in the Pledge of Allegiance

God in the pledge seems like a reasonable idea if most people want it. Gosh, what is a democracy coming to when a simple thing like supporting God in the pledge is somehow akin to supporting the building a nuclear power plant next to an elementary school. This defies commonsense.

Also, it appears that there is a tyranny of the minority in the movement to ban all Christian symbols from the public square. Good golly, do we really need to ban Christmas trees, red and green paper, and Christmas bells. The next thing you know, the ACLU will want to take the Christian cross off all headstones in our cemeteries, because they offend someone.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby says that people should take their destiny into their own hands. He believes people should work hard and be morally decent. He affirms the need for education and personal discipline. He thinks that people should work, stay out of jail, raise their children properly, and make sure they go to school. Good golly, this sounds like good advice. Unfortunately, he is roundly criticized for asking too much of people. Wonders never cease.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Birds of Feather

They say birds of feather flock together. Well, you can see it here.

Headline Image

Health Care

I am torn by the entire health care situation. It seems to me that people who work for a living, at close to minimum wage, should have some kind of health care. One could argue that the emergency room is a health care program for the uninsured. However, this is really not the way to provide health care for working Americans.

In addition, there seems to be a trend in corporate America to reduce or eliminate health care for current and retired workers. Most large corporations are looking for ways to reduce expenses and remain competitive in a global economy. And, American businesses should be able to manage their businesses has they deem appropriate. Cost cutting is going on everywhere, except government employee benefits. Government spending on employee benefits is another subject that needs to be addressed.

Regardless, in the near future, I think Americans will make health care a huge issue.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NAFTA and North America Union

A North American Union is being formulated by Washington elites. This plan came out of a NAFTA inspired trade agreement. Information is being kept behind closed doors in Washington. All inquiries by news agencies are being stonewalled to keep the American public in the dark about a plan to create a Super State that includes Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It appears that this plan will be under lock and key until after the 2006 elections. However, a leak will surely come about soon. This story is too big to keep quiet.

Homeland Security

Homeland security is a serious business. FBI Director Robert Mueller confirmed that Hezbollah agents were caught entering the country illegally through the Mexican border. Also, James Woolsey, former director of the CIA testified that he knows of 29 sensitive sites in the US and the West that Hezbollah has "spied out". And, a Hezbollah leader has vowed to "End Anglo-Saxon civilization".

Based on the aforementioned, it is time we get busy and secure our borders. And, we need to start the process of making sure that people in America are actually in America for productive purposes. Our entire immigration and visa process needs to be overhauled. The INS needs new leadership. We need leadership from Washington on this issue. Up to this point, Washington has not provided leadership on immigration reform and homeland security.

Foreign Ownership of Our Roads

Foreign ownership of our roads and bridges is not in our best interests. Our American government is selling our roads to foreign investors. The reason is money. Our government says it needs the cash.

Wait a minute. I thought our taxes paid for our roads. Gas taxes and user fees are collected yearly to pay for the construction and maintenance of our roads and bridges. But now, Washington is telling us they need more money. So, Washington is selling our roads and bridges. This is another bad idea. America belongs to Americans not to Washington elites. So, Americans should have a say in selling our transportation systems and other resources to foreign investors.

Foreign Ownership of Airlines

President Bush is pushing for foreign ownership of the American airline industry. This is an absurd idea. Foreign ownership of airlines is similar to foreign ownership of our ports. This is a national security issue. I cannot imagine why President Bush thinks that allowing other countries to purchase our transportation industry is in our best interest. On the other hand, this move by the Bush Administration falls in line with a move toward globalization. More to come on this I am sure.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Muslims and the West

A recent poll suggests that Muslims see the world differently than Americans and Western democracies. In general, many Muslims blame America and the West for their own lack of prosperity. In addition, many Muslims do not believe that Muslims were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. The most recent attacks on Israel demonstrate that Muslim leaders in the Middle East are determined to drive Israel into the sea.

Even though I don't want to be guilty of stereotyping, it appears that Muslims in general support terrorism and have a low regard for America and the West . And, it appears that Muslims really do not want Israel to survive.

This can change. If Muslim leaders all across the world would come out and reject terrorism and make a real commitment to peace, this would go a long way in convincing non-Muslims that Muslims really want peace.

University Professor and Christian Terrorists

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jewish Influence In America

Jewish influence in America is profound. With this in mind, the question was asked, "Would someone explain why most the world is so anti-Semitic? That includes a large percentage of people here in the good old USA. I don'’t understand it."

I am not an expert on this topic. However, it seems that in America, Jews are in danger of giving the impression that they are elitists. I base this on Jewish influence in directing many of the power structures in America. This includes, publishing, TV, radio, movies, education, non-profit foundations, legal advocacy, and the financial sector. The aforementioned is not a complete list of Jewish influences, but it represents examples of Jewish influence in America.

I am hesitant about discussing this topic. Because, even suggesting that Jewish influence in America is considerable, may label this post as anti-Jewish. This reality should not be construed as an anti-Jewish view. On the contrary, this should be viewed as a success story. Objective journalism requires that we are honest in our reporting. So, my goal has been objectivity.

One could argue that Jewish success in America is a good development, because America has given Jewish people the opportunities to succeed. And, this is indeed the American dream. Jewish people came to America and overcame tremendous hardships to be part of America. Today, they have realized the American dream.

On the other hand, non-Jewish Americans may see this as a closed society of elitists that discriminates against anyone not Jewish. It seems that all Americans want opportunities. So, elitist tendencies must be addressed. And, leaders in every aspect of society have an obligation to be fair and open in allowing all Americans the opportunity to succeed.


Sometimes, I wonder if all the talk at a G8 summit is worth much. Maybe they should all dress up in appropriate suite and just stand around and have their pictures taken.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Thank you Jesus

News flash: Saying "Thank you Jesus", can land a person in jail. Junior Stowers raised his hands and exclaimed, "Thank you, Jesus" in court after he was acquitted by a jury. Then the judge threw him in jail for contempt of court. Good golly, I guess the judge in this case did not appreciate Junior's Christianity. I pray that some day this judge will come to know Jesus.

European Union's Future

The European Union (EU) has no future. Europe has embraced socialism and has rejected their Christian heritage. A multicultural approach to all aspects of thought has doomed the EU . The demographic shift in population due to misguided immigration policies rooted in international political correctness will change the EU in ways that are now coming to light. Muslim populations are growing rapidly because birth rates are much higher for Muslim families. And, immigration policies are quite passive. The following are just a few realities that the EU will face in the future.

1. In Brussels and Belgium, the most popular name for baby boys is now Mohammad.
2. All across western Europe, 20% of babies being born are of Muslim families.
3. By 2030, 25% of France will be Muslim.
4. The current nuclear armed French military is already 15% Muslim.
5. Switzerland is now 20% Muslim.
6. In the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Rotterdam have 50% Muslim populations.
7. All across the EU, Muslims have staked out neighborhood as Muslim soil.
8. Many in the EU Muslim community have declared that Islamic Shari'a Law trumps all EU laws and traditions.
9. Forty Percent of the Muslims living in Great Britain want Islamic Shari'a Law to overrule English law.
10. Islamic Shari'a Law has no separation of church and state. The Koran is the ultimate law book and constitution. The Islamic Mullah is the magistrate who punishes violators of the this law.

The EU has no future. Because, Islam will take Europe back hundreds of years. In thirty years, Europe will look like the Middle East. Europe will be a place where hundreds of thousands of Islamic fundamentalists will rule with a firm hand. And, intellectualism will not be allowed.

Hopefully, America will learn from Europe's mistakes. America must insure that future generations of Americans learn the importance of real freedom and defend it with vigor.

Friday, July 14, 2006


I want peace in the Middle East. Even though I think that Israel should have been more pro-active in allowing a Palestinian State many years ago, Israel has tried to reconcile this situation by giving land back. In addition, Israel has made several other attempts to appease their enemies. All of these attempts at peace have been met with attacks against Israel.

Israel is fighting for its life now. This is indeed a dangerous situation for Israel. The forces that want to destroy Israel are overwhelming. If this conflict grows and Iran enters with nuclear weapons, America will get involved quickly.

Most leaders in the Middle East under-estimate America's capacity to wage war against Iran or any other country that threatens Israel's existence. Our technology can be used with superior impact against any threat against Israel. We have restrained our use of this, because we want a peaceful solution to the Israeli conflict. However, America will not allow Israel to be driven into the sea.

Above all, I pray for peace in the Middle East.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights. But, school districts and courts all over America have decided that freedom of speech does not apply when it comes to high school graduations. If a student mentions a belief in God or Jesus at graduation, the student will draw the wrath of school officials and judges.

On the other hand, anti-American Commies can have all the free speech they want to burn the American flag, curse religious leaders, throw pies at conservative speakers at college, disrupt college forums where conservatives speak, and threaten to kill student Republican leaders on campus. It appears that free speech is only for the Commies in America.

If conservatives and Christians want free speech in the public square, they will need to band together and bring legal action. Thankfully, legal organizations have now been established to defend conservatives and Christians wanting to exercise their right to speak freely.

Amnesty International

Amnesty intentional complains constantly about human rights. As Al Queda and the Palestinians attack Israel, Amnesty International urges Israel to abide by international law. As US soldiers are captured, tortured, and butchered, Amnesty International urges the US to treat prisons with respect and within international law. Amnesty International criticizes the US at every turn, but says very little about tyrants, dictators, and Communist nations.

It appears that Amnesty International is the international wing of the ACLU. These two highly publicized anti-American organizations have non-profit status. It is amazing that America would provide a special place in our society for organizations that want America to look like Communist Russia. Wonders never cease.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Academic Freedom

David Horowitz went to Cal State U-Monterey Bay on May 4 to speak about academic freedom. Unfortunately, academic freedom has not arrived at this college. This college, as all public colleges in California, has become a college interested in political correctness, social engineering, and affirmative action victim-hood. It seems to me that a college education should be based on objectivity, commonsense and an introduction to different ideas including conservative ideas.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Leap of Faith and Christianity

A blogger who is non-believing recently posted, "What is it about Christianity that is so easy to believe?" I can only answer this question for myself. Even though I was a Doubting Thomas part of my life, I have always believed down deep. One could argue that believing takes a leap of faith.

I saw Christianity up close and personal. My grandmother, who experience every hardship possible, was a non-churched Plain Truth Ministry Christian. She read her Bible every night. I saw the love and goodness in her. She was a saint in many ways and I never doubted that she was influenced in a positive manner by Christianity.

On a bigger scale, America's Christian character has been on display often. Even though America has fallen short in some areas, we have worked hard to overcome our shortcomings and redeem ourselves.

America has a deep Christian heritage. In the last 100 years, America has saved the world from itself during two world wars, numerous natural disasters, and disposed of several cruel dictators. In addition, the UN and many associated world relief organizations would not exist today without America. Plus, generous support from Christian based philanthropic endeavors have fed a hungry and suffering world. Many of our world-wide secular aid programs are grounded on a Christian ethic even if not directly endorsed by religious organizations. Our farmers in the heartland of America , which is a real religious place, produce about half of the food stuffs sold on the open market in the world. So, America actually feeds a hungry world and gives away more food than most countries produce.

America's Christian heritage has been a motivating force for good in the world. A world without America would surely be a more chaotic and hateful place. Even though many in the world do not want to acknowledge our contributions to world betterment, the fact remains that most people in the world would come to America if given an opportunity. It is amazing that so many people in the world disrespect our Christianity, but the same people flock to America in droves to be part of the American experience. Yes indeed, the world is a better place because America has a Christian heritage.

Our first American president made a leap of faith. President George Washington said on September 17th, 1796, "It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible. " He went on to pray at Valley Forge, "Almighty and eternal Lord God, the great Creator of heaven and earth, and the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, look down from heaven in pity and compassion upon me Thy servant, who humbly prostrates myself before Thee".


Christianity and Doubting Thomas

A Doubting Thomas is a person who just does not believe. The term is based on the Biblical account of Thomas the Apostle, who doubted the resurrection of Jesus and demanded to feel Jesus' wounds before being convinced (John 20:24-29). After seeing Jesus alive and receiving the opportunity to touch his wounds according to the author of the Gospel of John Thomas professed his faith in Jesus; on this account he is also called Thomas the Believer.

I was a Doubting Thomas at one time. In my college class titled Philosophy of Religion, I heard most of the arguments that are discussed in today's doubting world. This philosophy class was taught by an atheist professor. This was an odd teaching style that was hostile to any suggestion that there was a God.

This class and my discussions with an atheist coworker convinced me to do research on my own. I went to the library and took all the books I could carry. I studied ancient Greek, Roman, and Jewish scholars and historians to find out about a man named Jesus Christ. Without debating the entire field of atheism and Christianity, my studies led me to a faith journey grounded in Christianity.

I disagree with the critics of Christianity on many fronts. However, individuals and groups of Christians have gone astray. Christians, in living their lives, have made mistakes. This has discouraged others from considering Christianity.

On the other hand, politicians in our American democracy make mistakes. They embarrass us and make us ashamed of them often. But, most clear thinking Americans do not advocate voiding our democracy and installing a dictator. Most clear thinking Americans understand that our human condition is flawed. And, we are in a constant journey for self improvement. Progress is founded on trial and error. Needless to say, Christians and atheists also make mistakes about all types of stuff including their religious and non-religious beliefs.

I am a Christian and I thank God that the Founding Fathers had the wisdom to including the First amendments to our Bill Rights. It states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

I am concerned that this amendment is being distorted. Even though our courts have used this amendment to purge Christianity from the public square, this amendment still protects churches from being torn down outright by the government. However, there may be a push by local and federal governments to take Christian churches through eminent domain. This is already happening and is a strategy that comes around the back door to tear down churches.

I think that our courts will use this amendment to outlaw evangelism in the near future. In addition, our government may try to eliminate the tax-exempt status of Christian churches. I don't think the Founding Fathers intended to created a constitution and bill of rights that allows our government the legal right to tear down our churches.

From my college days, I assure you that most public colleges are on a rampage to purge all references to Christianity from colleges. They will even assign a hostile atheist Doubting Thomas professor to teach a college class titled "Philosophy of Religion".

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio.

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio.

9/11 Truth

The idea that America blew up the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in a secret plot is being circulated. Hard Starboard has a good posting on this absurd notion. A group of intellectuals and scholars formed a kind of "crop circle" to study 9/11. Those participating must have just come from a palm reading symposium. Good golly, what is the world coming to when college professors need to participate and advance ideas that border on delusion. Oh well, some professors still think that Communism is a viable form of government. Wonders never cease.

Monday, July 10, 2006

America Mexico Merger

News Flash: We have all heard of corporate mergers. But, the elites in America and Mexico are considering a merger of countries. Some elites are considering an end to U.S. sovereignty. The dollar may be scrapped and replaced with a new currency similar to the Euro.

This may explain the reluctance by Washington to address immigration. Washington has a goal of making sure that America is no longer a country. If Washington is successful, borders will not be important in the future. Because, Canada, America, and Mexico will become a federation.

In conclusion, Washington's plans for America is outrageous. Washington needs to be open and honest with Americans. America belongs to Americans not the elites in Washington and their corporate overlords.

North Korea Talks War

North Korea is getting more bold. They are now proclaiming an upcoming war with America. Their words have been harsh and provocative.

This begs the question: Will they actually declare war on America and launch missiles toward us? If they do, what will our response be?

It might be wise for America to explain to North Korea, China, and Russia that any declaration of war against us or missiles launch toward us will actually be a declaration of war.

Side note question 1: If we put nuclear weapons in Japan and Taiwan pointed toward North Korea, Russia, and China, would this help the Commies understand that America will not tolerate being threatened?

Side note question 2: Since North Korea receives most of its food, oil, and military technology from China, is it really possible to discuss North Korea without talking with China?

Side note question 3: Can China be convinced that America is serious about the North Korean situation by using our economic advantage? For example, China wants our trade badly. This fuels their economy.

In conclusion, North Korea will continue to provoke America until America understands that China and Russia are supporting and encouraging North Korean aggression. This reality will need to be addressed in economic terms. China and Russia need to know that our foreign aid and trade policies toward them will depend on resolving the current provocation by North Korea.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

North Korea and Russia

News flash: Russia helped North Korea develop technology to protect their Nuclear weapons program. Good golly, this means that Communists stick together regardless of the issue. More to come on this.

North Korea

When I was stationed with the Eighth Army's 2nd Division on the Korean DMZ in the 1960's, it was obvious even then that the South Koreans were living in fear of another attack from the north. North Korea is still waiting for their opportunity to strike South Korea.

I was writing an article for the War College a few years ago and spoke with a military man who had done three tours in South Korea. He told me about his tour on the DMZ. American soldiers would leave food against a fence at night for the North Korean soldiers. Because, the North Koreans they were starving to death. The next morning the food would be gone. This is real sad.

Communism is a failed system. Unfortunately, many on the left are still fooled into believing in Communism as the answer to the human condition. It still baffles me that the left embraced Russian Communism for over 50 years, even though it was obvious that Russia was a savage dictatorship. Wonders never cease.

A hat tip to prying1. He has written a great article on North Korea.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saddam and 9/11

Saddam and 9/11 Terrorists are linked. Several former Iraqi officials and captured al-Qaeda affiliates have revealed cooperation between Saddam's Iraq and Osama's terrorists. My research on this topic is extensive and I have to agree that there was a link. For some reason, the MSM ignores the evidence and continues to push the "no link and Bush lied" story.

Joe Lieberman

News Flash: Joe Lieberman has made a lot of enemies inside his own Democratic Party. It seems that Joe has been too moderate in his approach to many issues. It appears that the Democrats want an attack-dog type of politician.

When Joe lectured President Bill Clinton on his unethical behavior, the Democrats really started thinking about Joe's replacement. Joe is just too mild mannered. In addition, his ideas of rational thought and logic on issues like the war on terror, judicial nominees, and homeland security has made Democratic party elites quite uncomfortable.

This begs the question: Can a Democrat disagree with party elites and still be a Democrat? The Republican Party seems to be full of disagreement over major issues like abortion, immigration, and the war on terror. However, Republicans have not moved to oust a Republican from office. Does this mean that there is more diversity of thought within the Republican Party? Maybe.

Skin Heads in the Military

Good golly, skin heads in the military has turned out to be a hot topic. If soldiers commit crimes, they should be investigated and the wrong-doer should be punished. Criminality should not be allowed in the military.

On the other hand, the average American has no idea what being sent to a war zone and fighting to stay alive every day against an enemy that hides behind women and children. Since soldiers don't know if the next bomb is going to blow them to pieces, tensions run high. This enemy is only interested in killing Americans, and in the process killing the only hope Iraq has for establishing a more perfect union.

Oh, I almost forgot to ask, has anyone heard about the honorable freedom fighters (terrorists) that tortured and dismembered the two recently found American soldiers? I wonder if the various freedom fighter (terrorist) organizations will investigate the tortures and bring charges against the persons responsible for this obvious act of barbarism?

Wait a minute. What am I saying? Investigating wrong-doing by soldiers is what we Americans do. This rule does not apply to freedom fighters (terrorists). How foolish of me to think that freedom fighters (terrorists) are held to the same standards of conduct as American soldiers.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage issue is an important topic to discuss. However, until we create a better immigration process, low wages will continue to be paid to undocumented workers. The reasons are varied. But, people from undeveloped countries will come to America and work for $7 an hour with no benefits, because the place they came from is mired in poverty.

Kansas City to be Part of Mexico

A newly proposed Kansas City customs port may be part of Mexico as sovereign soil as a reward to Mexico for participating in the NAFTA Super Highway project. A plan is in the works to establish a Mexican customs facility in Kansas City Missouri by 2010 in order to move rail and trucking freight from Mexico through the heartland of America on the NAFTA Super Highway. An excellent article with top-flight links and super research is at Life's Journey.

Our politicians have kept the entire NAFTA Super Highway project under the radar. All the parties involved in this project have been advised to stonewall all attempts to publicize any aspect of this plan until after the 2008 elections. Because, the parties to this clandestine plan do not want public pressure to stop this project.

This project needs to be aired. Americans have a right to determine the merits of this project. I find it amazing that our elected politicians hold the public in such low regard. Americans need to shut this project down, until a public debate has explored all aspects of this proposal.

North America's SuperCorridor

Friday, July 07, 2006

No New Taxes

News Flash: The Terminator is on the job.

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger pledged on Thursday he would not raise taxes if reelected in November, drawing a stark contrast with his Democratic challenger, state Treasurer Phil Angelides.

The state's celebrity Republican governor had previously ruled out higher taxes to raise revenues to plug shortfalls in the state budget, and he told the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee, the newspaper of record in the state capital, that he sees no reason now to increase taxes.

"I totally rule it out," he told the Bee, according to a posting on its Web site. "I will not raise taxes."

Angelides has urged higher taxes on the wealthy to expand services and to close the state budget's so-called structural deficit, which will be about $3.5 billion over the near term.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd Art Print by Bernhard Plockhorst

Knock at the Door

Knock at the Door Art Print by Tobey

I Am The Light

I am the Light Art Print by Danny Hahlbohm

Too Much PC in the Military

It is amazing that the military has become infected with our political correctness nonsense. Troop conduct seems to be dictated by the same goof balls that designed our overly sensitive workplaces and colleges.

The following is a good read on this subject from, I'm thinking of the O word, "I am sick and tired of hearing all about political correctness and respecting other'’s heritage and all that namby-pamby crap. You live in the United States, assimilate to this country's heritage one of freedom bought by the shed blood of our forefathers, defended by the blood of our grandfathers, still defeneded to this day by our fathers, brothers, and ourselves."

Flag Burning and Free Speech

The courts have argued that burning the American flag in protest is protected as free speech. This would imply that free speech is universal and anyone can say anything. Of course, this is not the case. In many cases, free speech is limited by commonsense.

For example, one cannot show child pornography online. And, one cannot use derogatory words to describe an ethnic group, because this is hate speech. In the workplace, for heavens sake don't tell a woman she looks nice in her new dress. This can get a man fired and sued. And, you cannot burn a large cross on your own lawn, dress in white sheets, and chant mysteriously about the merits of plantation life. This will surely be classified as hate speech.

The American flag is a symbol and represents the nation that hundreds of thousands have died for. In some ways the American flag is sacred. Because, this flag is taken carefully off coffins, folded meticulously, and is given to the weeping mothers, fathers, widows, and children of fallen soldiers and sailors.

This begs the question: When a group of protestors burn the American flag, why is this not hate speech?

The Supreme Court and the Ten Commandments

Picture of Moses & Ten Commandments at U.S. Supreme Court.

Moses and the Ten Commandments in Supreme Court


The British Broadcasting Corporation is quite partial to bias reporting. America's MSM can't hold a candle to the BBC. The BBC is openingly hostile to anything conservative and misrepresent conservative ideas regularly. In fact, the BBC makes America's MSM look like a moderate thinking bunch of news gatherers.

The BBC slants the news on events and issues in order to put the Bush administration in a bad light. Objectivity is not important on Israel, Hurricane Katrina, Kyoto, Christian beliefs, and countless other issues. Even American relief efforts like the billions spent on African AIDS problems and US Navy relief operations during recent disasters are criticized as not effective or are not reported at all.

The BBC is expanding into America now. Why? Because, the BBC has turned Britain into a P.C. basket case and is now looking to do the same in America. Since America is the last bastion of conservative thinking, the BBC wants to move quickly. The P.C. crowd in Britain has emasculated the British people. Britain was a solid supporter of democracy and fairness. Now, the BBC has transformed British society into looking like a value void American college. I am sure the BBC will be welcomed with open arms at University of California at Berkeley, Harvard, and Yale.

ACLU and War Memorials

It is odd that the ACLU would continue to launch childish attacks on sacred war memorials in the name of the constitution. The Mt. Soledad Memorial in San Diego has become a real battle ground for the ACLU. The American Legion has now joined the fight to keep the memorial, while the ACLU is pulling all stops at having it torn down.

The Mt. Soledad Memorial and Christian cross has been in the same place in one form or another for over 50 years. And, the people of San Diego want it to stay. This memorial stands in sacred memory of great Americans who gave their all to the cause of liberty and justice. For some reason, the ACLU has decided that courageous Americans do not have a right to this monument. ACLU attorneys should be ashamed of themselves and hide every time an American soldier or sailor passes.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Separation of Church

Question: What does the separation of church and state really mean?
Answer: I don't know anymore.

When a school district in California can teach Islam, but at the same time purge all Christian symbols from school, is this separation of church and state? Or, when the school district in New York can ban all Christian symbols from school but allow Jewish and Muslim symbols to be boldly displayed, is this separation of church and state? Or, when a school allowed Jewish songs to be sung at Christmas but banned traditional Christmas songs, is this separation of church at state?

It appears that separation of church and state really means banning Christian symbols. The public square has become a battleground for this issue. I really don't think the founding fathers intended for Christian symbols and Christmas to be banned from the public square. Historical documents and early American traditions support the idea of public displays of Christian symbols.

What is

The online news site was created as a conservative news source. This site has a huge following. NewsMax Media is a news organization founded by journalist Christopher Ruddy and based in West Palm Beach, Florida.. It runs the website and publishes NewsMax Magazine. Ruddy, who serves as editor-in-chief, bills as "the leading online news site with a conservative perspective."

NewsMax is a Matt Drudge type of site. However, Newsmax has several reporters that investigate and write articles. NewsMax posts referrences, so readers can check the source. It is a nifty site, and I visit it often.

On the other side of the political perspective, The Raw Story site is a liberal news site with some interesting news. Even though this site does not like conservatives much, good material can be gathered on how liberals see the world.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Bad Day on the Road

And you thought your Monday was bad.

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America's Future

This picture is a delight.

Jimmy Carter and the KGB

Jimmy Carter is an odd sort of guy. At first glance, he appears to be a good hearted man with a mission to help those less fortunate. However, the real Jimmy Carter is an enigma. He is a liberal Christian who served in our military. And, I am sure he tries to be an honest man. But, he has a secret past.

In 1980 and again in 1984, he contacted the Russians to destroy Ronald Reagan's presidency. Recent KGB documents show Jimmy Carter as a man obsessed with a hatred of Ronald Reagan. This hatred extended to asking the KGB for help. Jimmy Carter wanted to win the 1980 presidential election. So, he asked the Russians for help. In 1984, Jimmy Carter again asked the KGB to block Ronald Reagan's foreign policies.

Recently, Jimmy Carter stated that the Bush administration should not have any secrets. And, he said, "Our government leaders have become increasingly obsessed with secrecy." I wonder if Jimmy Carter wants his involvement with the KGB to remain a secret.

America and Charity

At a recent summit in Africa, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were invited to rail against America. The African Union wanted to show its independence from western influence. And, anti-American statements were plentiful.

This is an amazing development. America supplies millions of dollars in direct foreign aid and millions of dollars in relief funds to Africa. In addition, American charities, especially American churches, supply the bulk of medical, educational, and food aid to African nations.

This begs the question: Why would Africa condemn America? The answers are probably numerous. However, one reason stands out. I suggest that African leaders in many countries are suffering from the "spoiled child syndrome." If a parent keeps giving a child everything, the child will just expect more and more. Thus, the child becomes spoiled and in the end detests the parents for not responding to every demand.

America needs to be more careful about handing out foreign aid to countries that hate us. And, American charities and churches need to dedicate more resources to helping the homeless and those that have given up hope in America. I really do believe that charity starts at home.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bill Gates Foundation

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have raised the bar. They are generous and have developed a giving attitude that others in corporate America should follow. Furthermore, their generosity may stimulate Ted Turner, Bill Clinton, and other United Nations activists to tone down their criticism of corporate America and Bill Gates.

I can remember several years ago when Bill Gates was roundly criticized in the MSM for not giving money to the UN. In fact, President Bill Clinton pressed a judge to break up Microsoft around this same time. It was a disgraceful witch hunt by an out-of-control president who could not stand the idea that someone would stand up to him and his cronies.

Good golly, I will take Bill Gates' ideals over an ex-president Clinton who pardoned several convicted criminals before he left office.

Open Borders

Our open borders may invite criminals from outside America to seek a safe haven in a land of enormous opportunity. Since America has no idea the background of undocumented immigrants coming to America, it is a sure bet that some will be criminals.

For example, in Los Angeles, 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide (1,200 to 1,500) target illegal immigrants. And, up to 2/3 of all fugitive felony warrants (17,000) are illegal immigrants.

It is amazing we can track cattle shipped into America from anywhere in the world. And, canned goods have code numbers, so we can recall food stuffs in a matter of hours if they are unsafe. On the other hand, we do not have an immigration programs to account for immigrants effectively. This begs the question: Why don't we have an effective immigration program?

We can drive dictators out Iraq, rebuild that country, spend billions on foreign aid to countries that hate us, and fiddle around with various space programs of limited value. However, we cannot create an effective immigration program. Wonders never cease.

America needs to develop an effective immigration program. Hard working immigrants come to America for better opportunities for themselves, their children, and grandchildren. I am always amazed that immigrants do jobs that most Americans reject. In Southern California, immigrants work hard in fastfoods, construction, maintenance, hospitals, agriculture, and just about every low paying hard job. I admire their tenacity. A good immigration plan would go a long way toward stabilizing our workforce and giving our immigrant population hope for an organized way to become legal workers.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


American railroads should be more active in the pursuit of creating a good passenger service. Additional Amtrak funding is a good start. Many countries fund railroads. It is time for us to start funding a public rail program. Good golly, if we can spend billions to rebuild Iraq, we can surely afford to spend some money on our own public funded rail system.

United Nations

The United Nations has demonstrated that they need new management. The most recent news flash about the food for oil program clouds the UNs mission. And, it appears that the UN cannot serve a humanitarian purpose divorced from United States oversight.

While I question the benefit of many UN programs, I hold out the hope that reform can change the UN. In the current structure, the UN is of little benefit. Recently, the UN appointed Cuba and Libya to the UN s Commission on Human Rights. This is an example of the UN losing contact with reality.

In conclusion, I just wonder why the Democrats are highly supportive of the UN. I guess that Democrats are more hopeful that the UN can serve a meaningful purpose in the future.

New York Times

The recent New York Times article revealing government tracking of banking records to uncover terrorist funding is a highly debatable situation. On one hand, freedom of the press is essential. On the other hand, national security is essential. I support both interests. However, the press seems to think that the right to know supersedes all other interests. I disagree.

Several years ago, I heard Dan Rather state on a talk show that he would report secret American troop movements in war time to the public, because the public had a right to know. I disagree with Dan Rather.

The right of the public to know about our covert operations in fighting terrorism is a real dilemma. This begs the question, does the press have a right to publish anything. The answer is, no. For example, the names and pictures of rape victims are not usually published. And, the names of those killed in combat are usually not published until the family has been notified.

Now back to leaking classified information. If Scooter Libby can be prosecuted for leaking the name of a CIA agent, the recent leak of the covert terrorists funding program should be pursued and prosecuted. This seems fair.

In the freedom of speech debate, I must come down on the side of freedom of speech. Even though my conservative leanings tempt me to chastise the New York Times for publishing this leak, freedom of speech is essential in a democracy.

This not to say that good judgment is used by news professionals all the time. For example, James Carville, a Bill Clinton journalist, stated the following about accuser Paula Jones, "If you drag a hunnert dollar bill tru a trailer park", blah, blah, blah. I can't go on, because my quest for decent journalism restrains me. But, you know the rest of the story. Even though James Carville's message borders on the outrageous, I guess we must tolerate the seedy side of journalism.